LOTRO's Bullroarer Test Server Open: Introducing the Mariner Class in Update 37.2 1

LOTRO’s Bullroarer Test Server Open: Introducing the Mariner Class in Update 37.2

The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) has announced the reopening of its Bullroarer public test server. Players will have access from Monday, September 18, starting at 4:00 PM ET, until Thursday, September 21, at approximately 5:00 PM ET. The new server launch showcases LOTRO’s latest Update 37.2, which introduces the much-anticipated Mariner class.

Meet the Mariners: Middle-earth’s New Melee Masters

The Mariner class promises to enrich the LOTRO experience with its unique take on melee combat. Described as “confident melee fighters,” Mariners utilize a specialized balance system, intricate skill chains, and group-support abilities to engage foes and assist allies.

A Balancing Act: The Mariner’s Innovative Combat System

At the heart of the Mariner’s playstyle is the Balance system. Functioning on a forward-backward mechanic, the Mariner’s state oscillates between ‘Aftward,’ ‘Steady,’ and ‘Foreward,’ with each state affecting the class’s abilities and skills. Players must remain vigilant, as losing balance could result in penalties.

Chain Reactions: Mastering the Art of Swordplay

In addition to the Balance system, Mariners are adept in swordplay that allows for skill combinations. Individual swordplay abilities can be linked to create powerful combos, providing a complex layer to their melee combat.

Dive into Specializations

Update 37.2 offers three trait specializations for the Mariner class:

  • The Shanty-caller: A group-support specialist designed to maximize group damage.
  • The Duellist: Tailored for players who favor a balance between offense and evasion.
  • The Rover: Focused on controlling and debuffing enemies to keep the group alive.

Beta#2 Notes and Skill Tuning

The second beta phase comes with several adjustments. Most notably, Mariners no longer require a dagger in their off-hand, simplifying the equipment requirements. Skill damage has also been boosted by approximately 50%, and various other tweaks have been implemented to improve gameplay experience.

How to Get Involved

Players who wish to test these new features can access Bullroarer through the ‘Transfer’ button available on any LOTRO Launcher. Additionally, the server offers a ‘Report A Bug’ feature for players to give direct feedback.

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