Mortal Online 2 Releases New Patch Featuring Expansive Combat Enhancements 1

Mortal Online 2 Releases New Patch Featuring Expansive Combat Enhancements

Mortal Online 2 has introduced Patch, delivering on the features outlined in Sprint 1 of their latest development roadmap. This update brings significant adjustments to combat mechanics, mount stamina, and the addition of new content, aimed at improving the player experience.

Combat System Updates

A new set of craftable light armor has been added to the game, offering players additional options for their characters. The patch enhances the combat experience by introducing a secondary weapon set for characters, facilitating a quicker swap between weapon sets. Enhancements such as the ability to quickly equip weapons from the hotbar or inventory during combat and improvements to combat mode transitions are part of this update.

New Content: Dungeon and Rideable Bears

Players can explore Melisar’s Vault, a newly added dungeon whose location remains undisclosed, encouraging exploration. Additionally, the update introduces rideable bears, expanding the options for player mounts.

Quality of Life Improvements

The update includes numerous quality of life improvements, such as changes to mounted combat stamina regeneration, dismemberment in combat, and adjustments to the game’s magic and ranged combat systems. Guilds and territory control mechanisms have also received updates, alongside changes to AI, NPCs, and the game’s user interface.

Technical Improvements

Further attention has been given to the game’s performance, with optimizations to server code and adjustments aimed at reducing game crashes related to frame generation. The developers have introduced a new window for Frame Generation Settings, allowing players to customize their experience further.

The developers acknowledge existing issues, including some with landscape visibility and player login difficulties. Plans are in place to address these in upcoming updates, with a focus on enhancing game stability and performance.

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