Mortal Online 2 Embarks on a New Era with Unreal Engine 5 Upgrade 1

Mortal Online 2 Embarks on a New Era with Unreal Engine 5 Upgrade

In a significant technological leap, Mortal Online 2 has rolled out its latest patch, transitioning the game to the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5. This major update has introduced a series of enhancements and changes, marking a new chapter in the game’s evolution.

Enhanced Visual Experience with Unreal Engine 5

The most notable change in this patch is the game’s migration to Unreal Engine 5. This upgrade brings Lumen, a real-time global illumination system, enhancing the game’s lighting and overall visual fidelity. Additionally, the introduction of Temporal Super Resolution (TSR) offers a high-quality graphics option compatible with all GPUs, providing an alternative to NVIDIA DLSS.

Despite the more demanding nature of Unreal Engine 5 on GPUs, the development team has focused on optimizing game performance. Their efforts have resulted in stabilized frame rates and, in some cases, an increase in total FPS. However, scenarios with a high density of characters, such as large-scale battles, continue to pose challenges and are targeted for future optimization.

Development Challenges and Community Engagement

Transitioning to Unreal Engine 5 was not without difficulties. Parts of the game world were significantly impacted, necessitating extensive repairs. The development team has expressed gratitude for the community’s patience and support during this transition. This upgrade is seen as a stepping stone towards enriching the game’s world with more thrilling adventures and experiences.

Key Features and Updates

The patch introduces several noteworthy features and changes:

  • Identification of murderers with red names.
  • New Task NPCs offering cape rewards for task completion.
  • A dedicated Rewards button in the escape menu for claiming special items.
  • Introduction of new camps to points of interest.
  • Addition of the Tindrem Vocal Theme song to enhance Tindrem’s ambiance.
  • New Guarded Areas and Wilderness zones, alongside a fighting pit in Meduli.
  • Updated gameplay mechanics, including changes in stamina gain, equipment hits, and attack damage.
  • Individualized AI respawn times for a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Property upkeep rules now specific to guild members and owners.
  • Increased maximum Field of View and enforced FOV settings for consistency.
  • The addition of six-sided dice to equipment vendors for randomized value rolling.
  • New droppable items like Sator, Outlaw, Outcast, and Risar Commander heads.
  • Adjustments to pre-patch items, including Blood Kua fish and meat.
  • Temporary disabling of full nudity due to payment provider issues, with a solution being sought.
  • Updated Terms of Service, requiring acceptance at the login screen.

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