EverQuest 2 Releases New Expansion: "Ballads of Zimara" 1

EverQuest 2 Releases New Expansion: “Ballads of Zimara”

The latest expansion for EverQuest 2, titled “Ballads of Zimara,” is now available. This new addition introduces players to a series of events and challenges set in various new locations within the game’s expansive world.

The narrative of “Ballads of Zimara” unfolds amidst a series of catastrophic events affecting shoreside communities in Norrath. Players are drawn into a conflict in the Splendor Sky Aerie, located in the Overrealm, where a mysterious force threatens the peaceful hooluk community.

Key to the expansion is the Zimara Breadth, situated in the deteriorating Plane of Sky. Here, the storyline revolves around the Djinn Sovereign, who is struggling to maintain his empire against external planar forces. The Sovereign’s army, which includes a new type of metallic djinns, plays a significant role in the unfolding events.

One of the central plot points involves the discovery of a captive in Vaashkaani, the Alcazar of Zimara, who is linked to the creation of the metallic djinns. The story raises questions about the potential defeat of the Djinn Sovereign and the fate of his army.

The expansion increases the adventure and tradeskill level cap to 130 and introduces a range of new content, including signature quests, achievements, collections, and new zones for both heroic and raid encounters. New areas introduced in this expansion include the Aether Wroughtlands and Vaashkaani, Alcazar of Zimara.

“Ballads of Zimara” is now available for purchase, with a 10% discount offered to new All-Access members. This expansion is part of EverQuest 2’s ongoing content updates, aimed at providing players with new experiences and challenges within the game’s fantasy world.

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