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Mortal Online 2 Releases Patch 2.0.4: New Dungeons and Second Character Slot For All

Mortal Online 2 Releases Patch 2.0.4: New Dungeons and Second Character Slot For All

The latest update for Mortal Online 2, patch 2.0.4, has been released, adding several new features and updates to the game. The patch includes the introduction of a second character slot for all players, a new dungeon, updated siege mechanics, additional mountable creatures, and numerous balance changes and bug fixes.

Players will now have access to a second character slot, allowing them to maintain two characters within the same account. This update aims to provide players with more flexibility in gameplay. Both characters will share the same player house, and surnames have been removed from the character creation process to streamline it.

A new dungeon, the Sylvan Sanctum, has been added to the game’s world, located in Myrland. This dungeon is designed to offer players new challenges and opportunities for exploration.

The patch overhauls the game’s siege mechanics to foster greater player participation and strategic planning. A new ‘Siege’ tab has been added to the Social UI, offering tools for declaring a siege and tracking active and pending sieges. Changes are designed to enhance the interactive elements of sieges, including adjustments to the timing and management of these events.

The update extends the list of creatures that players can mount, including Taurdogs and several big cats like cougars and panthers. Adjustments have also been made to the balance of existing mounts to improve their performance.

New crafting options are available, including a light armor set called “Rustic Garments” and the ability to craft armor for bears and Taurdogs. Updates to the combat systems include refinements to both melee and magical combat, aiming to improve the overall combat experience through adjustments to armor skills, spell targeting, and the combat animation framework.

Patch 2.0.4 addresses various user interface issues, enhances server and network stability, and makes environmental interactions more robust to prevent exploits and glitches. These improvements are intended to enhance the overall user experience and reduce gameplay interruptions.