New EverQuest 2 Summer Jubilee Promises Exciting Features and a Brand-New Dungeon 1

New EverQuest 2 Summer Jubilee Promises Exciting Features and a Brand-New Dungeon

EverQuest 2 players are in for a treat this summer as the Summer Jubilee gears up to kick off on June 5, 2023, alongside the beloved Tinkerfest event. This summer-long event promises to introduce new features, including a novel item slot, a summer dungeon, and a myriad of seasonal features.

The event’s highlights start with the introduction of the new item slot – Plume. This item will make its debut during the Summer Jubilee, offering players three types and tiers of Plumes, namely Ability Doublecast, Crit Bonus, and Max Health Percentage.

Once a player unlocks their first Plume item, they will earn a recipe allowing them to craft a tradeable Plume for others, thus promoting interaction among the gaming community. Interestingly, the power of your Plume will increase when grouped with other Plume users, irrespective of the Plume tier. Moreover, the stats on Plumes will depend on your character’s level, and even players on Time Locked Expansion (TLE) servers will have access to two Plume items.

Complementing the festive atmosphere is the new solo dungeon, Triad of Elements. Open to all, regardless of level, the dungeon will be available for repeated completion throughout each Summer Jubilee in-game event (Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky, Oceansfull). Each completion promises to reward players with five Silver Jubilee Medals, and enough completions might earn you a Plume upgrade. You can find the dungeon via the celestial aperture portal located in Moors of Ykesha.

The Triad of Elements offers a thrilling storyline involving mysterious portals opened between Norrath, the Plane of Innovation, Plane of Sun, and Plane of Water, bringing chaos and clockwork drones. Players will have to restore peace in Norrath and close these disruptive portals.

Jubilation parades and merchants will be found in player cities, where players can exchange their Silver Jubilation Medals for exclusive event armor, house items, recipes, instruments, and equipment. A whopping 22 new items will be added to the inventory, including a new dog, mount, and building block set! Silver Jubilation Medals can be earned by completing most repeatable content during the event and also have a chance to drop as loot from the end bosses in the new level 1 to 119 scaling dungeons.

The Summer Jubilee event extends to special rules servers, allowing players to start earning Silver Jubilation Medals during Tinkerfest and continue earning them through the Scorched Sky Celebration and Oceansfull Festival.

The Summer Jubilee promises an exciting summer filled with surprises, and this is just the beginning. Stay tuned as there’s much more to explore in Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky Celebration, and Oceansfull Festival. Mark your calendars, EverQuest 2 fans, for an unforgettable summer experience!

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