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New PvP TLE Server, Zarrakon, Now Live in EverQuest 2 for All Access Members!

New PvP TLE Server, Zarrakon, Now Live in EverQuest 2 for All Access Members!

EverQuest 2 fans, it’s time to gear up and get ready for some exciting new adventures! The latest Player versus Player (PvP) Time-Locked Expansion (TLE) server, Zarrakon, is now officially live and accessible to all All Access members.

Zarrakon’s launch brings a range of exciting features and gameplay options to the world of EverQuest 2. The server is faction-based PvP, making for a thrilling and competitive gaming experience. Additionally, the server is free-trade, so players can buy and sell items freely without restrictions.

The server launches with three expansions: Shattered Lands, Deserts of Flame, and Kingdom of Sky, with more expansions to follow at a similar pace to the previous PvP server. Players will have access to PvP quests and rewards starting in the Kingdom of Sky expansion, and there will be frequent patches and updates to address any bugs or issues that arise.

Fans will be excited to hear that Turquoise adornments and slots are available on Zarrakon, and Echoes of Faydwer will have avatars enabled. Players looking for a change of pace can take advantage of the Change of Citizenship NPC to betray their current faction once every 24 hours.

The Marketplace on Zarrakon is mostly unlocked, with the exception of XP potions. With all of these features and options, players are sure to enjoy countless hours of thrilling gameplay and unforgettable adventures on the new Zarrakon server.