New World Bans 1600 Gold Dupers and Fixes Time Skipping Bug 1

New World Bans 1600 Gold Dupers and Fixes Time Skipping Bug

The launch of New World was almost two months ago, but the Amazon Games’ MMO is still plagued by some big and potentially game-breaking bugs.

The latest in the series of bugs was a time-skipping bug that sent servers days and even weeks into the future, causing issues with territory control and upkeep.

A hotfix was deployed to attempt to fix the bug but was unsuccessful, but yesterday’s patch seems to have fixed the problem, and also fixed an issue with players freezing in crowded situations.

The patch also reduced housing taxes in an attempt to help fix the huge impact gold duping has had on New World’s economy.

Housing Taxes Temporarily Reduced:

To address the recent issue regarding duplications and exploits, we have temporarily lowered the weekly housing taxes by 90% until our monthly December update. We want to say thank you and we are sorry to our players who have been impacted by the recent issues. Company income from home ownership has been also raised to prevent loss of income during this period. This is a portion of additional compensation we will be rolling out in future patches.

Amazon Games has also continued banning players caught duplicating gold or items in the game, with the latest wave of bans permanently banning 460 players, bringing the total to over 1600.

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