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New World Update 5.0.1 Brings Springtide Bloom Event and Various Improvements

New World Update 5.0.1 Brings Springtide Bloom Event and Various Improvements

Amazon’s MMO New World introduced update 5.0.1 on April 16, beginning with a downtime at 11:00 PM PT. This update not only aims to enhance overall game stability but also marks the return of the Springtide Bloom event, a seasonal favorite among players.

From April 17 through April 30, the Springtide Bloom event will captivate players with the enigmatic Wispybloom, a plant that lures the Wispy Wasps. During the event, players can craft items to attract these wasps and collect resources that are tradable for Springtide Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for various seasonal rewards available in the Event Shop. Players will be guided by the Bloom Herald, who offers quests and helps unravel the mysteries surrounding the Wispybloom.

The update also includes several critical fixes and improvements aimed at providing a smoother gaming experience. Among the changes, the developers have addressed issues that previously caused the game client and server to crash, which had been a significant inconvenience since the release of Season 5. Efforts have also been made to optimize the size of patch downloads, ensuring that future updates are not only efficient but also quicker to install.

In terms of gameplay adjustments, the patch brings a host of refinements particularly focused on combat mechanics. Various exploits and bugs related to weapon handling have been resolved, including specific adjustments to weapons like the Spear and Bow to prevent damage-exploiting tactics. Other gameplay improvements address character animation issues and ensure that environmental interactions, such as falling or engaging in combat, are more consistent.

The update also makes adjustments to the game’s economy and progression systems, specifically addressing the acquisition of crafting materials and correcting issues that led to crafting failures. Notably, the availability of Diamond Gypsum has been fixed, and players can now obtain this valuable resource by engaging in certain in-game activities.