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New World Update 2.0.1 Ushers in the Summer Medleyfaire

New World Update 2.0.1 Ushers in the Summer Medleyfaire

New World has released Update 2.0.1,and the Summer Medleyfaire event has commenced, bringing new songs, rewards, and activities to summer villages across the continent.

Summer Medleyfaire Returns

This year’s Summer Medleyfaire promises new songs, rewards such as the coveted Guitar Hero title, and the return of seasonal activities like fishing for the highly prized Aeternum Sturgeon. Visiting Summer Villages and engaging with the Medleyfaire Maestro will enable players to bolster their reputation and collect seasonal items that may have been missed during last year’s event. The festival will run from July 19 until August 15. For more details, check out the full announcement on the official website.

Release Notes Unveiled

In addition to the Summer Medleyfaire, Update 2.0.1 also brings numerous bug fixes to enhance the gaming experience:

  • Multiple quest-related issues, including those in the “Temple of Sands”, “The Vigil’s Truth”, “A Selfless Nature”, and “The Demon’s Cauldron” quests, have been resolved.
  • The Denier in Weaver’s Fen will now count toward any Faction quests that require his defeat.
  • Fixes have been made to the Arena walls in the Season 2 Trials, and several issues with the NPC who plays the guitar and the Passion for Prismabloom Journey task have been addressed.
  • Changes to the Economy, Progression, and Gear systems include fixing an issue that prevented players from purchasing unearned Gear Set Slot in the store if they didn’t earn the Level 100 Season 1 Pass Reward. Gypsum Casts for Shields are now Epic rarity.
  • Combat changes include a fix to the Dodge and Weave passive haste buff and Detonate Heartrune’s explosion VFX.
  • Fixes in the UI/UX/Social category include correcting a typo in the quest description for “Heir to the Sands” and preventing “Friendship Accepted” notifications from appearing unnecessarily.
  • Game Mode Updates include making the backfill for PvP Arenas more responsive.

New Store Items

The update will introduce new items to the in-game store, including the Rugged Respite – Camp Skin and the Emotive Bundle – Emotes. The Emotive Bundle contains six unique emotes: Pondering, Plotting, Pout, Eyes on You, Cry, and Whistle. Both of these items can be obtained individually or as part of a bundle in exchange for Marks of Fortune.

To get a closer look at the Summer Medleyfaire and all the updates, join the New World Discord and share your favorite images from the event for a chance to be featured on the website. The New World team extends its gratitude for your support and looks forward to seeing you in Aeternum!