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What To Do At Max Level In New World

What To Do At Max Level In New World

Congrats on hitting level 60! Now what? Now you pat yourself on the back for a leveling well done, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to sink your teeth into New World’s endgame activities. It’s no secret that Amazon’s MMORPG doesn’t spoil its player base with endgame activities galore, especially in the PvE sector. We knew from the beginning that New World is mostly about PvP and crafting.

It’s the journey and not the destination that provides the main adventure. However, this doesn’t mean that the game ends once you hit max level. There are level 60 dungeons, a PvPvE scenario, and not to mention the hustle for gear that will keep you busy for a long time.

Legendary Weapon Questline

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The stats, the perks, the gear score, that mesmerizing orange hue…MMORPG players are drawn to legendary weapons like moths to a flame. You can obtain and equip legendary weapons before level 60, provided that you are very lucky with drops, but only at max level, you can start the quests that reward a legendary weapon of choice.

Once you’ve leveled a weapon to 20 mastery, head to Mountainhome and look for the NPC that goes by the name of Eintou Madaki. You will start the legendary questline that tasks you with obtaining the materials needed to craft the weapon.

New World has 11 weapons, each weapon has its own questline, each questline has several parts, and each part takes a while to complete. It’s safe to say that having too much free time on your hands won’t be a major concern.

Faction Equipment

Faction gear is some of the best you can obtain, but don’t think that your faction will throw gear at you just for hitting the level cap. Faction vendors will sell their best merchandise only to members that have reached maximum rank 5 and have enough faction tokens and gold.

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Faction tokens come as a reward from faction quests. Players complete faction quests for XP and tokens while leveling, so you must be familiar with these tasks by now.

PvP faction quests reward more tokens than PvE quests but don’t feel forced to PvP if you prefer PvE just because of this.

New World PvE Endgame – Expeditions, Invasions, Corrupted Breaches, Arenas, and Elites

In New World we don’t say dungeons, we say expeditions. A five-player instanced area by any other name, the first expedition unlocks its gates at level 25.

Currently, the game has six expeditions and two of them are available only to level 60 players. Garden of Genesis is located in Edengrove and requires a Genesis tuning orb. Lazarus Instrumentality is in Reekwater and needs a Lazarus tuning orb.

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These two expeditions are significantly more challenging than the other four. The rewards are also better. Epic and legendary items may drop from the bosses inside these two dungeons.

Invasions become available at level 50. Players must keep waves of enemies at bay using defensive structures. At level 60, invasions are a great source of gold, Azoth, and gear.

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Corrupted Breaches are open-world events that become available around level 20. At level 60, they provide a more challenging experience and rewards to match the effort. The loot chests have nice level 60 gear.

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Arenas are available pre-level 60 but doing them at max level yields better rewards. Players need a Spriggan Key to open the arena where they will fight against one boss. If they manage to beat the boss and the timer, they get high-quality loot.

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Elites are hard-hitting mobs that wander the open world. Chances to take them down solo are slim. Elites drop good gear and items.

How about raids? What does Amazon say to epic encounters where large groups of players fight against challenging bosses? Not today! Hopefully, the developers will change their minds and bring this iconic MMORPG content to Aeternum.

New World PvP Endgame – Wars

Wars are large-scale company conflicts. New World companies are guilds of players. Through wars, companies gain control over a territory.

The attacking company must conquer the territory fort, while the defending company must guard it. Wars are complex operations. Each side has access to war machines such as ballistae, cannons, fire launchers, and such.

A New World war can take several hours. Players earn prizes based on their level of involvement. Azoth, gold, and gear are among the rewards.

Adventurers can participate in wars prior to reaching level 60 but the rewards and overall experience are better at max level.

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New World Endgame PvPvE – Outpost Rush

While most players would agree that Outpost Rush is a PvP scenario, Amazon calls it PvPvE and who are we to argue with the makers?

Outpost Rush becomes available once players hit 60. It’s an instanced battleground for which you can queue from any settlement. Just speak to the NPC whose job is to send you to the island of Nauthynos and you are all set. Players can queue alone or with a party of five members.

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In Outpost Rush, two teams of 20 players compete to meet the winning condition. The team that accumulates 1,000 points first wins the game. Each team has a base called a fort. The map has three outposts which are key to winning the game. The teams get points for controlling an outpost. Killing other players gives points as well.

Outposts can be reinforced to make them more resistant to enemy attacks. It takes infused hide, ore, wood, and Azoth essence to upgrade an outpost. Monsters guard these resources, this is where the PvE part comes into play. Players can also defeat mini-bosses for buffs and employ monsters to attack the enemy team.

Many players consider Outpost Rush the most challenging New World content so make sure to have decent gear and a good PvP build before rushing into battle. Ganking enemy players is fun but it’s map control that wins the game. Outpost Rush rewards include high-level gear and cosmetics.

We’ve seen what the endgame options are in terms of PvE and PvP, however, let’s not forget crafting. New World has a solid crafting system that allows players to create gear.

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The game also has player housing and guess where all that nice furniture comes from? That’s right, crafting. Many valuable items are created by the players themselves.

In addition to crafting, we also have side quests to pass the time at level 60. It’s unlikely that you’ll finish all the quests before reaching max level, so you will be left with plenty of side missions to complete and rewards to reap.

Doing a bit of everything is the best way to enjoy New World. Between expedition runs, elite hunts, working on legendary weapon quests, participating in Outpost Rush, and occasionally enjoying a bit of good ol’ open world PvP, there are plenty of things to keep you going.