The New World Team Discusses Economy Updates in Latest Forged in Aeternum 1

The New World Team Discusses Economy Updates in Latest Forged in Aeternum

In the latest “Forged in Aeternum” episode, the New World development team shared details on recent economic updates. The team, including Patrick Smedley, Tony Morton, and Joel Clift, addressed player queries and provided an overview of the economic adjustments made to the game.

The developers began by revisiting the removal of chromatic seals from high-level crafting, a change aimed at streamlining the crafting process. This adjustment has led to an increase in the prices of high-end materials, indicating a positive impact on the economy.

Discussion also covered the game’s UBI system and general coin balances. The introduction of the Golden Matter Cache was highlighted as a step towards improving the median coin balance for players, with further steps planned to ensure a balanced economy.

Resource availability, particularly tier five resources, was another focal point. Additional orichalcum nodes have been introduced to balance its supply against mithril, contributing to a more stable market for these resources.

Addressing questions from the community, the developers explained the use of economic indicators such as the Gini index to monitor wealth disparity. They also showcased a “faucet and sink” dashboard, illustrating the flow of coins within the economy. Despite recent changes, the game maintains a “faucet” economy, where more coin enters than leaves, though adjustments continue to ensure stability.

A humorous moment arose when discussing why wheat is not used for flour crafting, with Tony acknowledging the oversight and confirming that it will be addressed in a future update to allow wheat to be used for bread-making.

The team also touched on the war system and PvP earnings, explaining that PvP activities constitute a substantial part of the game’s economic activity. Adjustments are being made to ensure that PvP is both fair and profitable for participants.

The episode concluded with a discussion on balancing the distribution of rewards and the economic implications of such decisions. The developers emphasized their commitment to monitoring and adjusting the economy to maintain a rewarding and engaging player experience.

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