"Once in a Blue Moon": Fallout 76 Rolls Out a Host of New Public Events and Gameplay Enhancements 1

“Once in a Blue Moon”: Fallout 76 Rolls Out a Host of New Public Events and Gameplay Enhancements

Bethesda Game Studios released a fresh update for Fallout 76 on various platforms today. Titled “Once in a Blue Moon”, the update includes a range of enhancements and new content, including Public Events, Side Quests, new Cryptids, and much more.

Update version for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) and version 1.78 for PlayStation have been released, with Xbox users receiving version Download sizes vary per platform, with PC users on Steam needing 12.4 GB, while Microsoft Store and Xbox users require 23.8 GB, and PlayStation users will need 23.2 GB of storage space.

New Public Events, Side Quests and Cryptids

The highlight of this update is the new Public Events, centered around the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. Players will help the caravan with various challenges in exchange for Blue Ridge Caravan-themed items. Also, players can take on a set of new daily quests from the character Vinny Costa.

Cryptozoologists will be thrilled with the introduction of two new Cryptids, The Blue Devil and Ogua. Based on real-life West Virginian folklore, these creatures will provide new challenges for experienced and daring players alike.

Season 13: Shoot for the Stars!

Season 13 promises to bring Hollywood to the wastelands, with rewards featuring iconic outfits, props, and more from the silver screen. New C.A.M.P items, Armor Paints, and a new Ally, Joey Bello, a wise-cracking, bubblegum-joke-telling funny man, are ready to add a dash of Hollywood to your gaming experience.

Daily Ops and Gameplay Improvements

A new dangerous mutation, Danger Cloud, has been added to the Daily Ops, challenging players to plan their routes and load-outs to withstand these infested beings.

In response to player feedback, significant changes have been made to the Expeditions system, including the removal of the Ultracite Battery Charge and mandatory Fuel Quests, thereby enabling players to launch Expeditions at any time while still being eligible for maximum Mission Rewards.

Additionally, weapon and armor descriptions have been overhauled to provide more detailed and numerical information about stats. This will enable players to tailor their builds more effectively to their unique playstyles.

Balance and Design Updates

Alongside the new content, the update also includes various balance and design improvements. Changes have been made to the Bleedout Syringer Barrel, Burning mods for Energy Weapons, and the Two Shot Legendary Mod, to name a few.

Also, Bethesda has made several player-friendly changes like adjusting the Contextual Ammo to better accommodate weapons that consume a lot of ammo, updating the Default Controller layout for PlayStation users, adding a setting to enable and disable weapon muzzle flash effects, and a setting for VATS targeting for Grenades and Mines.

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