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Palia is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Palia is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Palia, the much-anticipated community-simulation game, is set to make its grand debut on Nintendo Switch. Developers at Singularity 6 have confirmed that the game will be released for free this holiday season.

Players eager to join the world of Palia can wishlist the game on the eShop now.

While the Nintendo Switch release has fans excited, PC gamers are also in for a treat. Palia’s developers have scheduled a Stress Test for PC users on Thursday, July 6th from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm PT. To enhance your chances of being considered for the playtest, it is suggested that you complete the survey provided after submitting your email.

For those discovering Palia for the first time, Singularity 6 extends a warm welcome! To get up to speed with all the latest updates, join the community on Discord, subscribe on YouTube, and follow Palia on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Though the exact release dates for Palia have not been announced, the developers assure that they are still in active Alpha testing for PC. The team is committed to offering the same support and investment on both PC and Nintendo Switch. In fact, they announced in an editorial update that they are working diligently to bring Palia to PC before it lands on Switch.

As for the cost of the game, Palia is free-to-play and will not require a subscription on the Nintendo Switch. This move aligns with Singularity 6’s business model across both PC and Nintendo Switch platforms.

The developers also confirm that there is a team specifically dedicated to adapting Palia for the cozy Nintendo Switch experience, but how this experience will differ from the PC version remains to be seen.

At present, the primary focus is to make Palia available on Nintendo Switch and PC. The demand for Palia on other platforms has been noted, and any future announcements regarding this will be made via official channels.

Lastly, for those wondering about cross-platform play, the developers express their intention to support cross-progression and cross-play. This would allow players to transfer their Palia character from PC to Nintendo Switch or vice versa. However, as the finer details are still being worked out, players are advised to stay tuned for further updates.

In all, it seems that this holiday season will be an exciting one for both PC and Nintendo Switch gamers, as they get to dive into the immersive world of Palia.