Palia to be Free-to-Play with Cosmetic Item Purchases 1

Palia to be Free-to-Play with Cosmetic Item Purchases

The cozy MMORPG Palia is set to enter alpha in the near future, and in a recent blog post, the developers at Singularity Six have announced that the game will be free-to-play! To monetize the game, there will still be plenty of cosmetic items available for purchase in order to customize your character’s look.

Singularity 6’s vision is to create alternate worlds that deepen players’ lives to bring people closer together. To achieve this, Palia has to be available and accessible to everyone, which means: no subscription and no upfront purchase to play. We believe this decision helps break down as many barriers as possible for people to be able to play Palia together.

The team promises that the game will be fair and fun, with no pay-to-win mechanics.

We will not monetize any core gameplay in Palia. You won’t be able to pay to level up your skills faster, get that rare achievement more easily, or become best friends with Einar earlier.

Head over to the official Palia website to read the full post.

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