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Palia Set to Launch on Steam on March 25, Offering Exclusive In-Game Reward for Early Supporters

Palia Set to Launch on Steam on March 25, Offering Exclusive In-Game Reward for Early Supporters

The cozy community sim MMO, Palia, is slated for release on Steam on March 25, Singularity 6 announced. Steam users now have the option to add Palia to their wishlist, enabling access to the game upon its launch next month. To encourage early interest, Singularity 6 is offering an exclusive in-game reward for those who wishlist the game prior to its release: a sizable Frogbert plush.

This initiative is part of the developer’s strategy to broaden Palia’s already inclusive community by leveraging Steam’s extensive platform. The Frogbert plush, an in-game reward, will be available to players who log into the game within the first 30 days after its release on Steam. Additionally, the plush’s size will incrementally increase based on the number of users who wishlist the game, with a maximum size achievable at 500,000 wishlists. Detailed information on how to claim this reward is available on the Palia blog.

Palia supports cross-progression play and is available on both PC and Nintendo Switch, allowing players to seamlessly transition their gaming experience across platforms. This cross-platform capability ensures that the game’s community can engage in their preferred activities, such as hunting, fishing, home designing, and questing, from virtually anywhere.

As a live-service game, Palia is committed to an evolving gameplay experience, with frequent updates that introduce new content such as maps, quests, cosmetic items, and characters. This approach aims to keep the game’s world fresh and engaging for its player base.

With its Steam launch, Palia is poised to welcome new players into its cozy, expanding universe. Those interested in joining early and securing the exclusive Frogbert plush reward are encouraged to wishlist the game on Steam ahead of the March 25 release date.