Pantheon's February Producer's Letter: Giant Lore, the Wizard Class, and More 1

Pantheon’s February Producer’s Letter: Giant Lore, the Wizard Class, and More

In Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, February has been all about making progress on the game. It seems that all teams working on the upcoming MMO have been busy this month. From art and design to the programmers that are working on “preparing the HDRP client for pre-alpha testing” and “Work on networking integration”.

We also get a look back at the content that has been shared over the last month where the focus has been on the Giants of Terminus and their lands, and programming. Even more information about the Giants is also mentioned in the newsletter, along with more information about the Wizard class, with an emphasis on the starting experience for young Wizards.

Head over to the official Pantheon website for the full letter.

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