Palia's Latest Patch Brings Updates and New Adventures 1

Palia’s Latest Patch Brings Updates and New Adventures

Palia has rolled out Update 0.179, introducing a range of new features and improvements to enhance gameplay and player engagement, as detailed by Asherelle on the game’s official website.

Update 0.179 enables players to undertake Friendship Level 5 Quests for villagers Ashura, Zeki, Tish, and Reth, provided they have achieved Friendship Level 4. These quests not only deepen the narrative but also reward players with unique decorative items, enriching the game’s social and community aspects.

A new housing option, the Courtyard, is now available for purchase. This building must be attached to existing structures and offers various configurations, allowing players to customize their spaces further. Additionally, the update includes a new assortment of flowers from Bahari Bay, broadening the aesthetic options for home decoration.

The introduction of the Ammo Pouch streamlines inventory management by consolidating various types of ammunition into one accessible place, freeing up inventory space. The update also introduces a Tailor Shop Changing Room in Bahari Bay, enhancing the convenience of outfit changes during gameplay.

The patch has added over 50 new achievements to the Steam platform, with retroactive awards for previously completed achievements. Visual enhancements to the login screen and Kilima Village have been implemented, refreshing the game’s interface and environments in line with seasonal themes.

The Premium Store now features new outfit bundles, including the Shadowstalker bundle, which offers unique visual effects. More outfits are scheduled to be released, expanding the range of cosmetic options available to players.

Significant gameplay adjustments have been made, including the introduction of a map coordinate grid to facilitate navigation and group activities. An Unstuck button has been added, improving functionality and accessibility for players using different platforms.

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