Mainframe Industries Reveals Insightful Data from Pax Dei's Inaugural Open Alpha Test 1

Mainframe Industries Reveals Insightful Data from Pax Dei’s Inaugural Open Alpha Test

Following the conclusion of Pax Dei’s first major alpha testing phase, Mainframe Industries has shared a detailed analysis of the event, encapsulated in a visually engaging infographic. This informative summary, replacing the traditional Twitter announcements, showcases the significant engagement and activity levels experienced during the test.

Mainframe Industries, through their recent update, expressed their awe at the alpha test’s success, supported by impressive statistics. Testers devoted a total of 121,392 hours to the game, equivalent to over 5,000 days. The in-game activities were diverse and intense, with players collectively defeating more than a million in-game creatures, including 8,000 rabbits. The construction aspect of the game was also highlighted, with over 1.2 million building components used and more than half a million trees felled for this purpose.

An interesting aspect of the alpha test was the frequency of accidental in-game deaths. Players experienced 1,151 drownings and a staggering 17,767 falls. A standout statistic was a player who fell to his demise 441 times, topping Mainframe’s ‘Top Skydivers’ chart.

Out of the over 12,000 invitations sent for the alpha test, the exact number of participants remains undisclosed. However, the enthusiastic response is evident from the data shared.

Looking ahead, Mainframe Industries is already preparing for the next round of testing. While specific dates are yet to be confirmed, the anticipation is building, and further details will be shared as soon as they are finalized.

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