Pax Dei Prepares to Launch "Wilderness Alpha" on April 23 1

Pax Dei Prepares to Launch “Wilderness Alpha” on April 23

The developers of Pax Dei have set April 23 as the launch date for their next phase of testing, termed the Wilderness Alpha. This upcoming test phase is a follow-up to the game’s initial alpha, expanding the player base to include over 100,000 participants, some of whom are returning from the previous phase.

This phase, named Wilderness Alpha to signify the exploration beyond the game’s initial areas, is part of the ongoing development efforts to enhance the gaming experience. For the first time in the game’s testing phases, the upcoming alpha will not impose confidentiality restrictions on participants, enabling them to freely share their gameplay experiences, screenshots, and engage in open discussions on platforms such as the game’s official Discord server.

Significant updates are expected in the game’s mechanics, including revisions to equipment and consumables to allow for deeper customization and strategy. The game environment is also set to offer increased challenges, pushing players towards more strategic gameplay and preparation. Additionally, the alpha will introduce new combat and crafting options, providing a richer experience and more avenues for player engagement.

Pax Dei Prepares to Launch "Wilderness Alpha" on April 23 2

An interesting development in this phase is the introduction of player versus player (PVP) combat in a new area, diverging from the previously established peaceful gameplay. This addition is anticipated to add a new dynamic to the game, offering players the chance to engage in combat with one another.

Participation in the Wilderness Alpha is open to players who sign up and complete their profile by April 15. The developers have suggested that linking a Discord account could improve the chances of receiving an invitation.

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