Pearl Abyss Launches "Black Pearl Return" Campaign for Black Desert Mobile 1

Pearl Abyss Launches “Black Pearl Return” Campaign for Black Desert Mobile

In a strategic move to reinvigorate its player base, Pearl Abyss has rolled out the “Black Pearl Return” campaign for Black Desert Mobile, introducing an array of incentives aimed at welcoming back former players. The campaign, which started on April 2 and is set to run until April 30, 2024, features the unveiling of a new server, dubbed Oasis. This initiative is set to level the playing field for returning adventurers by offering them an opportunity to start fresh alongside their peers.

The “Black Pearl Return” campaign is not just about bringing players back but also about enriching their gaming experience. Pearl Abyss has announced that participants will receive a 100% return on Black Pearls, the game’s premium currency, equal to the total amount they have previously spent. This gesture is part of a broader effort to entice lapsed players to re-engage with the game.

Alongside the campaign, Black Desert Mobile is entering a new season that promises accelerated leveling up to 35,000 combat power and enhanced rewards designed to boost players’ abilities. The inclusion of the Oasis server allows returning players to create a new character that stands on equal footing with existing ones, regardless of their former combat power.

Moreover, the campaign period is marked by significant quality-of-life improvements and updates across all servers. These include the introduction of Shadow Gear, which can be upgraded without failure, offering players a more straightforward path to enhancing their equipment. A new crafting recipe has also been introduced, allowing for the creation of a “+7 Rift Totem Chest” directly, simplifying the process for players to upgrade their totems to a higher level without the incremental steps previously required.

April is set to be a bustling month for the Black Desert Mobile community, with the campaign also heralding a series of events. These range from an April Fool’s Day event, where players engage in a fun challenge to count Papus and Crios in a given image for a chance to win exclusive rewards, to a Gleam Giveaway event offering various in-game items. Additionally, players are invited to participate in surveys to determine essential items for new characters and servers, alongside special title events and opportunities to vote for their favorite in-game events for a comeback.

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