Pearl Abyss Reveals "Land of the Morning Light: Seoul" Expansion with First In-Game Screenshots 1

Pearl Abyss Reveals “Land of the Morning Light: Seoul” Expansion with First In-Game Screenshots

Pearl Abyss has shared insights into their upcoming expansion, “Land of the Morning Light: Seoul,” through a Developer Commentary video. The 20-minute video covered a range of topics including new game features, spring outfits, additional playable instruments, and enhancements to the game’s soundtrack.

Jesse Joo, the head of game design for Black Desert at Pearl Abyss, concluded the presentation by showcasing three new in-game screenshots, giving fans a first glimpse of what to expect in the Seoul-based expansion.

Previously, at the Calpheon Ball event, locations such as ‘Gwanghwamun’ and ‘Gyeonghoeru’ were announced. The latest video added three new locations to the upcoming expansion’s list. The ‘Royal Investigation Bureau’ serves as a judicial and security office under the king’s authority, accompanied by visuals of the ‘East Watchtower’ and ‘Mount Ahshi’ to emphasize the scale of the expansion’s setting.

The video also introduced a region called the ‘Flower Sunken Swamp,’ located in the northwest of Hwanghae Province. This area is characterized by vibrant flora and a mysterious fog, setting the stage for new narratives including the ‘Tale of Two Sisters, Janghwa and Hongryeon.’ A total of eight new stories will be unveiled in this expansion.

The third highlight was the ‘Castle Ruins,’ presenting the remains of a once-majestic castle that now serves as a backdrop for the Tamer class’s homeland. Inspired by the historical ‘Goguryeo’ mountain fortress, this location is where players will encounter the boss ‘Bulgasal.’

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