Star Trek Online Announces "Ye Olde Summer Event" With A Medieval Twist 1

Star Trek Online Announces “Ye Olde Summer Event” With A Medieval Twist

Captains, prepare your spaceships! The annual Star Trek Online summer event is back with an unprecedented medieval theme. Ambassador Kael extended the invitation to players on June 23rd, beckoning them to return to the sun-soaked beaches of Risa for a month-long celebration filled with games, rewards, and Rococo art appreciation.

From June 28th to July 28th, players can participate in a range of activities famously associated with the beaches of Risa. Powerboard races, biathlons, horga’hn hunts, artifact scavenging, and dance parties will be the order of the day. Those participating in these events stand a chance to win the majestic Hysperian Intel Battlecruiser [T6], a galactic vessel worthy of the grandest monarch.

In a delightful twist, this year’s summer event has been graced by the presence of the Hysperian royal family, avid supporters of Rococo art. They bring with them magical offerings crafted by the finest artisans, imbued with arcane secrets known only to the greatest of wizards. By earning lohlunat favors during the festival, players can procure these exquisite replicas of items found in the legendary tale, “The Kingdom of Elysian,” as recounted by the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Among the offered items is the Elysian Spellsword, an immaculate reproduction of the legendary blade, Starfall. This weapon promises to strike true, leaving enemies reeling and vulnerable. When used against a wounded enemy, it can deliver a devastating blow, finishing the foe in a single cut.

Also available are Neve’s Icy Talons, silvery shards worn on the fingers that, when paired with a copy of the Kingdom of Elysian storybook, allow the wearer to conjure deadly shards of ice, capable of freezing enemies into a solid block.

The Ring of Reflection, modeled after the rings worn by the empathic healer Audrey in “The Kingdom of Elysian,” acts as a defensive device, repelling enemy attacks and directing retaliatory magickal missiles back at them.

With the Elysian War Magick set, players can blend sword strikes with spells, enhancing their personal powers. The full set grants a Wizard Ward, which bolsters armor and rejuvenates the wearer when struck in melee combat, providing extra resistance against close combat foes.

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