The Dragon Isles is the Next World of Warcraft Expansion According to Alleged Leak [Updated] 1

The Dragon Isles is the Next World of Warcraft Expansion According to Alleged Leak [Updated]

A few days ago a throwaway account on MMO-Champion posted an alleged leak on the next World of Warcraft expansion which will be titled The Dragon Isles according to the post. The account that made the post was banned almost immediately after posting.

According to the post, which is supposedly from a private gamedev discord, the tagline for the expansion will be “Azeroth has awoken!”.

At the end of Shadowlands, “Azeroth the Eternal” will be born from Azeroth’s world soul. Azeroth the Eternal will be a dragon, and players will aide her by going to the Dragon Isles to reshape the world, quite literally, with the new World Shaping system which will shape entire zones, and maybe even restore Teldrassil.

According to the post, Black Dragons will be the new playable race, which will be able to turn from Dragon to Human much like Worgens. Galakrond’s son, Garaddon will feature in the expansion as a world boss.

Leaks like this are quite common when it comes to WoW, but very few actually turn out to be true, and no info has been released so far from Blizzard official sources on the next expansion.

[Update] Datamined information regarded a file titled 9fx_drakemountemerald_buff_4219045 released on WoWHead seems to suggest that a Dragon-themed expansion is likely.

These encrypted files further support the link of Dragons to the next expansion. Recently, Blizzard released the Dragon Pack Shop Bundle, which made many believe that it was linked to the next expansion.

From WoWHead

WoW streamer Asmongold took some time to address the leak on stream, which can be seen below.

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