Upcoming Update Introduces New Epic Weapons to Broken Ranks 1

Upcoming Update Introduces New Epic Weapons to Broken Ranks

“Broken Ranks” is set to receive a significant update that introduces a new category of weapons termed as “legends,” according to an announcement on April 19, 2024. This update follows a comprehensive gear overhaul and is designed to expand the arsenal available to players with advanced weaponry.

The new update marks a shift in how powerful weapons are obtained, with a focus on crafting rather than traditional looting. These legendary weapons will be specific to each class, enabling players to craft enhanced versions of existing epic weapons.

The legendary weapons will feature a rank of XII and will be equipped with capabilities such as drif empowerment and additional action points (AP). Unlike previous iterations, these weapons will exclude traditional drifs, allowing for more personalized weapon enhancements.

A notable addition to these legendary weapons is an extra attack circle, which permits more actions during combat. This feature is intended to offer new strategic possibilities in gameplay.

The aesthetics of these weapons will also be updated, featuring unique skins and effects that signify their rarity and power. These visual enhancements will be exclusive to the bearers of the legendary weapons.

Obtaining a legendary weapon involves a multi-stage crafting process initiated once a player reaches level 120. This process is tied to a specific questline that includes tasks such as item collection and boss battles, culminating in the creation of the weapon at the Forge of Fate, a new location introduced in the game.

The introduction of these legendary weapons is scheduled for April 24. The update is expected to influence the game’s economic and combat systems by linking weapon durability with the level of upgrades, aiming to maintain market stability while enhancing player engagement.

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