Warframe's Update: "The Seven Crimes of Kullervo" Coming in June 1

Warframe’s Update: “The Seven Crimes of Kullervo” Coming in June

Digital Extremes has announced that “The Seven Crimes of Kullervo” will arrive in June. This highly anticipated update, straying from the traditional “Echoes” moniker, promises a slew of new content including a new Warframe, a host of customizations, and an intriguing time-limited event.

Coming in as the 53rd Warframe in the game’s roster, Kullervo is set to take center stage. This new Warframe has a mystique that is deeply rooted in ancient betrayal, and it draws its power from the same. Players will be able to leverage Kullervo’s signature shotgun and exclusive customizations, making the game’s combat even more thrilling.

In addition to the new Warframe, the update will also unveil a fresh “Dungeon” Island located in Duviri. In celebration of the island’s launch, Digital Extremes has also planned a time-limited event. The details of this event are still under wraps, but if it’s anything like previous Warframe events, players are in for an engaging and rewarding experience.

The update further introduces new Decrees for players to choose from, including intriguingly titled Corrupted Decrees. This implies a likely shift in the game’s meta and should provide a new strategic layer for players to explore and conquer.

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