Warframe Marks its 11th Anniversary with Special Events and Exclusive Rewards 1

Warframe Marks its 11th Anniversary with Special Events and Exclusive Rewards

The official Warframe website has announced a series of events to celebrate the game’s 11th anniversary. Starting March 22, the celebrations introduce what the developers describe as the next era for Warframe, inviting both new and longstanding players to participate in the festivities.

Anniversary Highlight: Dex Nikana Reward

One of the key features of this year’s anniversary is the exclusive 11 Year Anniversary Reward — the Dex Nikana. Players who log into Warframe from March 27 can claim this special weapon, adding a unique item to their arsenal.

Extended Celebrations: March 22 – May 17

Warframe’s anniversary events extend over nearly two months, from March 22 to May 17. During this period, players can engage in in-game Alerts to earn various Dex Rewards, including skins, weapons, noggles, and weapon slots, among other items. Booster Weekends will also be available, offering extra Credits and Affinity to enhance the player experience.

Twitch Drops

The anniversary celebrations also feature Twitch Drops, obtainable by watching any Community stream with a linked account for at least 45 minutes. These drops include three new Glyphs designed by DarikaArt, available during different weeks from March 25 to April 15. The glyphs feature Community Little Duck Graffiti, Community Mother Graffiti, and Community Cavalero Graffiti designs.

Alienware Gaming PC Giveaway

In addition to in-game events and rewards, there is a giveaway for a Warframe-themed Alienware Aurora R16 desktop gaming PC. Entries for the giveaway are open until April 8, with the chance to win a high-performance gaming PC.

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