Whitemoon Games Gets Ready for TaernCon 2023 - Broken Ranks Event in Wrocław 1

Whitemoon Games Gets Ready for TaernCon 2023 – Broken Ranks Event in Wrocław

Whitemoon Games, the studio behind the popular Polish MMORPG, Broken Ranks, has announced the return of its much-anticipated event, TaernCon. Set to take place on July 1st in Wrocław, the convention promises an array of activities, prizes, and a glimpse into the studio’s future plans.

Year after year, TaernCon has continued to provide a platform for the passionate Broken Ranks community to come together and celebrate their shared love for the game. “Broken Ranks is not just a game, it’s a community with lots of great memories,” remarked Krzysztof Danilewicz, the founder of Whitemoon Games.

This year’s TaernCon promises to be an immersive affair, with activities including a cosplay contest, trivia, a Q&A session, and a PvP tournament. Attendees can look forward to plenty of prizes, snacks, and drinks, ensuring a festive, Taernian atmosphere.

“Once a year, the world of Broken Ranks melds with reality and we try to make it the best possible experience for everyone,” said Danilewicz. He highlighted the unique opportunity the event provides for players to engage with the game and its community in a more tangible way, underscoring the studio’s commitment to fostering a close relationship with its players.

Apart from the fun and games, TaernCon 2023 will also feature a presentation revealing the studio’s future plans, offering attendees a sneak peek at what lies ahead for the world of Broken Ranks.

The event will culminate with a celebration party (adults only) following the day’s activities. Further details about the schedule and prizes are available on the Broken Ranks website.

For those unable to attend the event in person, the studio has assured they won’t miss out. Whitemoon Games will be sharing photos and videos on its social media channels, allowing fans worldwide to join in on the TaernCon experience.

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