BitCraft Announces Closed Alpha Test Launch for April 2 1

BitCraft Announces Closed Alpha Test Launch for April 2

The team behind BitCraft has announced that the game’s first Closed Alpha test is scheduled to begin on April 2, 2024. This marks a significant development phase for the game, transitioning to a more stable testing environment with the introduction of a permanent account-based system.

This new system is a departure from the game’s earlier framework and is designed to provide a better organizational structure for player interactions within the game. With the implementation of the permanent account-based system, items, titles, and other assets can now be assigned directly to players’ accounts, facilitating a more personalized gaming experience.

The update also mentions the forthcoming distribution of a “secret item” to early supporters who signed up during the Pre-Alpha phase. This move illustrates the developers’ appreciation for the community’s early engagement and support.

For those interested in participating in the Closed Alpha testing, registration is necessary to secure a place on the tester list. This step is vital for both new and returning players who wish to continue their involvement in the game’s development process.

In conjunction with this announcement, a new trailer has been released, showcasing previously unseen content from the game. The trailer provides insights into the various activities available within the game, such as farming, hunting, crafting, and city-building, as well as the social strategy elements that are integral to the gameplay. The soundtrack for the game, composed by Austin Wintory, a renowned video game composer, is also featured in the trailer.

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