Springtide Bloom Returns to New World with Fresh Mysteries and Rewards 1

Springtide Bloom Returns to New World with Fresh Mysteries and Rewards

The world of Aeternum welcomes the return of the Springtide Bloom event, running from April 17 through April 30. This event invites players of level 25 and higher to engage with the story of the Bloom Herald and the ethereal Wispybloom, offering both new and returning event-specific rewards.

As the seasons change, the Springtide Bloom event encourages participants to explore the Springtide Villages located in Monarch’s Bluff, Everfall, Brightwood, and Weavers Fen. The event is rooted in the lore of the land, with the Children of Bloom, a group celebrating the rejuvenation of spring, guiding players to seek out special flowers. These blossoms are central to the event’s narrative, symbolizing a deeper understanding and connection to the world’s mysteries.

The Bloom Herald, representing the Children of Bloom, prompts adventurers to collect Wispybloom Flowers. Said to originate from another dimension and appear during the Springtide, these flowers are intertwined with magic related to life and renewal. Participants are cautioned, as gathering these flowers attracts Wispy Wasps, adding an element of challenge to the event.

Participants can earn Springtide Tokens through various activities, such as crafting Wispy Spritz to combat the Wispy Wasps and collecting rewards from Springtide Centerpieces and Party Bags found in event locations. These tokens can then be exchanged for a variety of rewards.

Rewards include a mix of consumables, armor skins, crafting items, and decorative objects for player housing, all themed around the Springtide event. High-value items are available for those who gather Premium Springtide Tokens, with new rewards introduced specifically for this year’s event.

The event also emphasizes the communal aspect of Springtide Bloom, with every settlement featuring an ornately decorated centerpiece and party bags filled with gifts, ensuring that every participant can share in the bounty of the season.

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