Tower of Fantasy Adds Yulan, Latest Simulacrum, in Major 3.0 Update 1

Tower of Fantasy Adds Yulan, Latest Simulacrum, in Major 3.0 Update

In a celebratory mood following its 3.0 update, Level Infinite and Hotta Studio today announced the addition of Yulan, a new simulacrum character in Tower of Fantasy, the open-world MMORPG. Slated to join the gameplay on July 18, Yulan is set to spice up the recently released Domain 9 Sector update, which went live on June 27.

Yulan, a frost simulacrum, boasts exceptional martial arts skills, earning her the title of one of the mightiest warriors in Domain 9. The gaming community is eager to experience the unique gameplay mechanics Yulan brings, given her ability to reach a state of complete transcendence during combat. This ability provides her with unwavering focus, ensuring she remains victorious in her battles.

After acknowledging her formidable skills, Master Yu appointed Yulan as Sundial Guard, a prestigious role that entails protecting the Infinite Sundial. Master Yu cites Yulan’s ‘pure heart’ as a key reason for her success, a concept echoed by ancient philosophers in Domain 9. They believe that Yulan’s unadulterated spirit allows her to achieve all she sets her mind to.

Yulan’s talents aren’t limited to her martial arts prowess. She wields the most advanced weapon in Domain 9, which, when used in conjunction with timestamps, can create an airstream. This mechanism acts like a glove, protecting Yulan’s hands during intense combat situations while also amplifying the force of her punches.

The introduction of Yulan and the 3.0 update – Domain 9 Sector – are part of the developer’s continuous efforts to enrich the gameplay experience and storyline of Tower of Fantasy. As one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs, Tower of Fantasy continues to draw a vast player base, thanks to its dynamic character roster and engaging gameplay mechanics.

Players can look forward to testing Yulan’s frosty might and the enhanced battle dynamics she brings starting July 18.

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