Fractured Announces Server War Event and Test Review 1

Fractured Announces Server War Event and Test Review

Fractured has announced a unique Server War event to test the end-game and gather player feedback on end-game combat balance, with a particular emphasis on PvP (Player vs Player), including city warfare. The event is set to commence on July 19, at 2pm UTC and will run for 12 full days, ending on July 30. Access to the event is open to all owners of an Adept founder pack or higher.

In this time-limited testing phase, new characters will be thrust directly into the end-game, allowing free progression and access to items. This first-of-its-kind event will provide players the opportunity to test the full scope of Fractured’s gameplay mechanics under special rules.

Characters will start at the highest possible rank (50), giving them 60/60 talent points, with all spell schools at level 10/10 and all spells unlocked. The Server War will take place on the continent of Aerhen, the only available location for this event. There will be unlimited character attribute respecs, and costs for claiming land parcels and cities will be significantly reduced. After the event, world and characters will undergo a wipe.

In addition to the special rules, new features will be previewed during the Server War, including the first iteration of Alchemy, 4 new Acid spells, and a feature that allows players to raise their school levels by imbuing their equipment. The event will also include several contests run by GMs, including 1v1 and group vs group PvP tournaments.

Participants stand a chance to earn unique rewards for the highest PvP ELO, highest Legend Score, and highest Season Score for guilds. More details about these rewards will be released in due course.

The Fractured team also offered a quick review of their last pretest. The game had experienced some initial login issues which were related to CPU architecture. This problem was resolved the day after launch by migrating their dedicated servers to different models.

The feedback from testers on the new mechanics, such as the overhaul to the progression system and crafting, was largely positive. However, the team acknowledges that some issues, including the use of recipes in crafting and a lack of end-game PvE and PvP events, still need to be addressed. More updates are expected in the coming days.

As anticipation for the Server War builds, the developers are keen to hear from their community. More information on the event and future updates will be available on the official Fractured website.

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