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EVE Online Announces Major New Expansion “Uprising”

EVE Online Announces Major New Expansion “Uprising”

In a move that is sure to excite EVE Online fans around the world, developer CCP Games has just announced their newest expansion: Uprising.

This narrative-driven expansion will introduce major improvements to Factional Warfare, as well as new ships and balance changes to existing ones.

EVE Online players can look forward to enjoying these new features this November.

In addition to the new content coming with Uprising, players will also be able to take advantage of EVE Online’s new Heraldry system. This system will allow corporations and alliances to have their logos emblazoned on their ships, adding a whole new level of customization and immersion.

Finally, Upwell hangars are also receiving an update in Uprising. These changes will impact the visual immersion players experience when docking and undocking their ships in New Eden, according to CCP.

For more information on EVE Online: Uprising, be sure to check out CCP Games’ newly released roadmap. This will give you a detailed look at all the content that is planned for release leading up to the expansion.

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