Pantheon Is Increasing Awareness and Its Team 1

Pantheon Is Increasing Awareness and Its Team

Visionary Realms is back with a January Newsletter for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. The game which is pushing towards alpha at the moment is currently working on its High Definition Render Pipeline.

The Pantheon team is also working on increasing awareness around the fantasy MMORPG as we get closer to alpha.

We aim to invite more streamers and influencers, and tell our story to more websites than we have over the past few years. Alpha is a thrilling prospect and it will soon be time to share the game with more people worldwide.

New members are also joining the team. Holly LeMay is the newest concept artist to join Visionary Realms, and a HR staff is now also in place.

They are working hard to ensure that Visionary Realms is not only a fun place to work, but also a fair, humane and thoughtfully-structured experience.

The QA team also has their hands full with testing, and the newsletter includes an interview with QA Lead, Kim Morrison which goes into detail on the testing of Pantheon.

Read the full newsletter on the Pantheon site.

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