AION Classic 2.7 Update Preview: Introducing the New Revenant Class and More! 1

AION Classic 2.7 Update Preview: Introducing the New Revenant Class and More!

The Aion Team has announced a new update, 2.7, which is set to arrive on May 9th, 2023. The update will bring several exciting changes to the game, including a new class, Revenant, and two new world drops: Mysterious Lockbox and Brilliant Lockbox. Additionally, the update will include changes to items and dungeons, as well as additional skills for existing classes.

The Revenant class is a unique character that tears away their wings to forge their own path. They use extendable weapons and lightning-charged attacks in combat, and are most effective when fighting large groups of enemies. The Revenant storyline will begin in Telos, starting from the Dredging Crash and carrying out missions to grow stronger. Players will encounter dungeons called Pillars of the Forgotten, which they can defeat to obtain relics and new stigmas. They can then take on Tiamat in the Dragon Lord Throne Talos to obtain powerful new class-specific stigmas.

To keep things balanced after the introduction of a new class, the Aion Team has prepared new skills unique to each of the pre-existing classes. This will bring a whole different feel to battles with the new stigmas available in two dungeons. In addition, the moral system is being added, which grants a skill that can level up over time to do additional damage to the Velo.

The Aion Team has also reviewed players’ suggestions and is excited to announce that they are adding new ways to obtain Kinah, Stigmas, Manastones, and medals through new Mysterious and Brilliant Lockboxes. The drop rate for this item will be much closer to what it was prior to 2.5. For each lockbox, players will need a corresponding key to open. A total of 100 Mysterious Lockbox Keys are available from the Daeva Pass, and 50 Brilliant Lockbox Keys are available if players unlock Daeva Pass Premium.

The update will also include several other changes, including the removal of Arena Insignia, an updated Arena Ranked Season Schedule, and a Siege Schedule change. The Aion Team is opening another server to provide a better environment for new users to play, and has provided growth support for new players.

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