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10 MMOs With The Best Player Housing

10 MMOs With The Best Player Housing

MMO player housing is one of the most popular features. All that mob killing, dungeon running, and PvPing is a lot of fun but sometimes we just want to kick back and decorate our house. Seeing the myriad of customization options these MMOs offer is no wonder that player housing becomes a game in itself.

Elder Scrolls Online

10 MMOs With The Best Player Housing 1

Homestead, ESO‘s player housing system, is included in the base game version. You don’t need a premium subscription to become a Tamriel homeowner. Players start small with an inn room that doesn’t offer many options but works great as additional storage space. Elder Scroll Online homes come in all sizes and styles. Ranging from apartments to castle-like manors and featuring The Elder Scrolls racial themes, the selection is overwhelming. Most of these homes can be bought with ESO Gold or Crowns. The decorating options are virtually endless and you can even have NPCs living in your home.


10 MMOs With The Best Player Housing 2

Rift‘s player housing system adds sandbox features to this theme-park MMORPG. Rift houses are called dimensions. Players get a piece of land in the form of an instanced area. The amazing thing is that you can actually construct unique buildings. You can also opt-in for the pre-built houses the game offers. Rift dimension decorations can be acquired in many ways such as quest rewards, drops from monsters, crafting, and the auction house. The game has an easy placement system.

Free players have access to dimensions as well. If you have enough Platinum you can have a pretty cool place to call your own without visiting the cash shop.

EverQuest II

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To start with what most of us want to know, you don’t need to spend real money to gain access to EverQuest II player homes. However, that doesn’t necessarily make things easier. Some EQII homes cost Gold (in-game currency) and Status (reputation currency). Most of the houses have a weekly upkeep cost in addition to the initial purchase cost. Your alignment will also determine the type of house you can buy. House sizes vary from small to large. Some houses have features such as a garden and balcony. EverQuest II has one of the best MMO house systems but it makes you work for it.

Final Fantasy XIV

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Did you think that buying a house in real life is hard? Ha! A limited number of houses are available on each server so good luck if you happen to play on a populated server. The costs range from 500,000 Gil for an apartment to tens of million Gil for a large house. Despite all that, FFXIV homes are great. The residential districts look amazing and there are so many customization options and decorations. You can start a garden, build a stable for your Chocobo, and even have a working shower in your Eorzean house. Free company estates even allow the construction of airships.

Lord of the Rings Online

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Who doesn’t want to live in the Shire? Or in an Elven house in Falathlorn, a Dwarven hall in the Blue Mountains, or with the Humans of Bree? Thanks to LOTRO‘s housing system this dream can come true. Each neighborhood has a community area perfect for role-playing or just plain lollygagging. The game has individual standard and deluxe homes and large kinship (guild) halls.

LOTRO homes cost in-game money and have weekly upkeep. Decorations can be crafted or bought from NPCs. Living in Middle Earth is not cheap but we can all agree that the view is worth it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

10 MMOs With The Best Player Housing 6

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Jedi and Sith put the neverending conflict on hold because they were too busy decorating their homes. SWTOR Strongholds are available on Tatooine, Nar Shadaa, Manaan, and several other iconic locations. You can buy a house for personal use or to share with your guild.

Homes cost Credits and Cartel coins. A guild hall costs much more than an individual place. Houses vary by the number of rooms, decorations, and supported players. Decorations are obtained from vendors and as drops from game activities.

Wurm Online

10 MMOs With The Best Player Housing 7

Wurm Online is a sandbox game with an extensive crafting feature that includes house building. Provided that you have the needed resources, you can build a house just about anywhere. Find a suitable spot and don’t forget to check in with your neighbors because it’s considered rude to build on a plot that has already been claimed by another player. Wurm Online houses are not instanced. This gives players the freedom to build large settlements. You don’t need to pay upkeep for your house but you do have to repair it as time takes its toll and burglars deciding to pay unwanted visits.


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ArcheAge is another sandbox game that allows players to have non-instanced homes. House sizes vary from small to mansion. The location is of utmost importance. From climate to nearby resources and the type of area (protected or PvP), there are many things to consider when choosing a plot. The spot may even determine the type of construction. For example, aquafarms can only be placed underwater near a coastline. The bigger the house, the bigger the costs and keep in mind that not paying your taxes results in losing your house. It’s not easy but it’s the challenge and complexity that makes ArcheAge player housing interesting and fun.

Legends of Aria

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First things first, you will either need the Citizen Pass ($20), Starter Pack ($25), or premium membership ($10 a month) as you cannot access the Legends of Aria‘s housing system as a free player. The housing plot and blueprints are bought for in-game money. Building materials are also needed.

Once you have your house, you can start decorating it and appointing other players as co-owners. In addition to a multitude of decoration options, the housing system also includes vendor NPCs through which homeowners can sell their items.

Black Desert Online

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Black Desert Online housing system features homes, storage expansions, and lodging. Players can buy any of these units for Contribution, an in-game currency obtained from completing activities. House items come from crafting or from the cash shop. Some decorations are not just cosmetics. Beds, for example, regenerate energy and sofas provide an HP recovery buff. Crafting stations can be placed inside homes. Storage expansions unlock more bank slots. Lodgings provide accommodation for your workers. BDO housing system allows players to recover the spent Contribution should they decide to sell the unit.