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The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021

The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021

Have you ever tried an isometric MMO? If you come from 3D MMORPGs you will be pleasantly surprised with the different challenges these games offer.

The isometric view was popularized by traditional RPGs like the Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Diablo series amongst others.

The top-down perspective allows for strategic combat such as turn-based but also classic hack-and-slash action. We believe that these are the Best Isometric View MMOs. Do you agree?


The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 1

Nostale is a cute anime MMO with a friendly and active player base. It has only three classes – archer, mage, and swordsman – but plenty of specialization options totaling up to 28 unique combat styles.

The story is an epic saga that centers around your character. It’s rather generic but fun and easy to follow.

The content includes PvE and PvP. You have quests and solo adventures for when the mood strikes as single-player but also raids for MMO interaction.

Miniland is NosTale’s player housing feature that allows you to build and decorate your home and yard.

Lost Ark

The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 2

We are only humans so being envious of South Korean MMO fans for playing Lost Ark since 2018 is quite normal. Luckily, we are about to let go of those feelings because Lost Ark arrives on the Western shore in 2021. No reason for envy anymore, unless you are a StarCraft player.

Anyway, Lost Ark is a fantasy MMORPG with amazing graphics, a giant universe spanning over three million worlds, and more than 1,500 NPCs.

The class system features five basic combat archetypes. Each one has advanced specializations. The content includes PvE dungeons, PvP scenarios, raids, and many story quests.


The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 3

Trivia time! What common RTS mechanic is present in Corepunk? The correct answer is fog of war. This Artificial Core title comes with this unconventional MMORPG feature that’s bound to make the gameplay more strategic.

The holy MMO trinity – tank, damage dealer, healer – is expanded by the addition of a support role.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk open world. The seamless game universe invites players to explore and take part in PvE and PvP activities.

We have group dungeons and PvP fights. Other features include a profession system with trading, a day and night cycle, battlegrounds, and farms.


The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 4

Fractured is an MMORPG that allows players to jump into the action without having to farm for XP and equipment first.

The game features an open world with sandbox mechanics. The character system is based on strengths and weaknesses. This is what determines a character’s effectiveness in battle, rather than the level and gear.

Fractured caters to all types of gamers. The planet Tartaros was made for the hardcore PvPers. Arboreus is the place where PvE-oriented players can engage in all sorts of activities.

Sandbox gameplay means that players can team up and build settlements. Raiding other players’ headquarters is not just possible but also fun.

MU Online

The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 5

MMORPGs came and went, but MU Online is still here. The player base has diminished since the glorious days of early 2000, however, Webzen is keeping the game fresh with updates and events. As a result, MU Online still has an active community.

If you like to slay monsters, grind for XP, and then do everything all over again, MU Online is the game for you.

Seasons are the main gameplay feature. Each season comes with new content and challenges. Time-limited events provide a nice distraction from the usual activities and an extra way to get rewards.

MU Legend

The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 6

Which era had the best games is a never-ending discussion but one thing we can all agree on is that 2018 had better graphics than 2001. Whether MU Legend, the MU Online sequel, is better than the predecessor might be a matter of personal taste, but the visuals are undeniably superior.

Other attractive features include early-level AOE abilities for all classes, character customization, and lots of content.

MU Legend has iconic MU activities such as the Endless Tower and Blood Castles. PvP options range from 1v1 duels to tournaments accommodating up to 16 guilds.

Drakensang Online

The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 7

Drakensang Online is heavily inspired by the Diablo games by Blizzard and is one of the most popular isometric MMORPGs. It was released in 2011 and was considered the best browser MMO at that time. Times have changed and Drakensang Online is no longer a browser title. It has a small client.

The open-world of Duria has a Medieval European fantasy setting. Players create a character and embark on an epic journey as they slay monsters, acquire loot, and fight other players.

The latest expansion introduces more than 150 new quests, new maps, an enhanced loot system, an updated crafting system, and expanded skill trees with new talents.

Albion Online

The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 8

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, a German gaming studio. Wow, these guys must really be into sandbox games.

Albion Online offers a high level of player freedom. Almost all items come from crafting. Players can create simple tools and complex structures such as buildings. Gear is player-crafted as well. The economy is player-driven.

Another notable feature is the lack of classes. The equipment dictates your combat role and specialization. This system ensures that players never get bored of their character because they can just change the play style by equipping other weapons and armor.


The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 9

WAKFU is an MMORPG with a different approach to the combat system. While most games of this type have action or target-based combat, WAKFU has turn-based combat. It’s one of the most appealing features as it calls for strategic planning rather than just fast reactions and speed.

WAKFU takes place in the same universe as Dofus, another Ankama Games MMORPG. Players choose one of the 18 available character classes, each one with unique skills and powers.

The mob ecosystem is another unique feature. Mobs don’t respawn on their own. If you killed it, you are in charge of its resurrection.

Tree of Savior

The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 10

Tree of Savior has the anime cutest graphics. Ok, we say that about many games but this one really has a noticeable art style.

Cute as it may be, Tree of Savior has serious content. Team Battle League is a team-based arena PvP. Guilds can declare war on one another and the entire world becomes a battleground as members of enemy guilds can be engaged almost anywhere.

As for PvE, a myriad of quests, dungeons, and at least 200 bosses provide diverse challenges.

Players have few restrictions when creating their characters. We have eight classes with advanced options, some of them obtainable by completing achievements.

Ragnarok Online

The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 11

Can’t get enough of adorable-looking anime MMORPGs? Ragnarok Online is here. This cartoonish game has a Norse mythology-inspired story that has been charming players since the early 2000s.

The game comes with an intricate pet system. Players will obtain the egg of the desired monster, grow it in a pet incubator, feed it, care for it, and evolve it.

Ragnarok Online has lots of content and encourages players to join a guild and conquer the challenges as a team. The War of Emperium allows guilds to compete for territory control that unlocks exclusive guild dungeons and more.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

The Best Isometric View MMOs In 2021 12

Wild Terra 2: New Lands is an MMORPG with a non-linear progression. It features a Medieval-inspired world that invites players to explore, hunt, craft, and build.

The game has seasonal progression. Each season opens a new continent and introduces new rules and challenges. If you don’t like seasonal variations, you can play on the main continent.

The profession system includes more than 10 unique crafts such as tanner, fisherman, and cartographer. Wild Terra 2: New Lands has PvE and PvP content and holiday events that allow players to enjoy Halloween, April Fool’s Day, and more.