New World's Forged in Aeternum Explains Everything You Need to Know About Seasons and the Season Pass 1

New World’s Forged in Aeternum Explains Everything You Need to Know About Seasons and the Season Pass

In the latest episode of Forged in Aeternum, host David Verfaillie (Creative Director) was joined by Patrick Smedley (Lead Seasons Designer) and Phil Bolus (Product Owner) to talk all about seasons and the Season Pass for Amazon Games’ popular MMORPG, New World.

In episode 19, viewers were given a brief overview of what seasons mean for New World, as well as an in-depth explanation of what comes with the Season Pass and how it works. The Premium Reward Track offers players the ability to earn extra rewards for 20,000 Marks of Fortune, while the Free Reward Track is available to all players and also contains unique cosmetic items.

During the episode, the New World team also addressed some of the most commonly asked questions about the Season Pass, such as whether players can replay or complete past Season Passes or Journeys (they cannot), what players can expect from future seasons, and how to buy the Premium Reward Track (it can only be purchased with Marks of Fortune, which can be bought from the in-game store).

The team also explained that if players don’t buy the Premium Reward Track, they can still earn a reward for every completed level on the Free Track, and that rewards from the Season Pass can still be claimed after the season has ended, but some items will become unobtainable.

Additionally, the New World team addressed how the Season Pass works for multiple characters on the same account, and how players can earn Season Experience to progress their pass. Season Experience is primarily gained through the Season Journey and the season’s Activity Card, with passive progression from activities such as crafting, gathering, and PvP also contributing to progress.

Overall, the latest episode of Forged in Aeternum provided a comprehensive overview of the Season Pass and what players can expect from future seasons in New World. With plenty of new content and rewards on the horizon, it’s an exciting time to be an adventurer in Aeternum.

Get the full details on the New World site.

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