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The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac

We all know that Mac computers are not the master race of gaming machines, but guess what? We, MMO gamers, don’t care about that because we’re too busy getting loot, scoring achievements, and raising that item level.

These are the best MMOs that you can play on a Mac. All these titles have official Mac support, stable performance, and cross-platform player interaction.

World of Warcraft/Classic

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 1

Such a predictable entry, right? Well, we cannot help it because, despite its flaws, World of Warcraft remains one of the best MMORPGs ever created. Memorable quests, epic raid content, class diversity, role-playing, immersive world, to name but a few of its appeals.

If you are already tired of the retail version, check out World of Warcraft Classic to see how the game was in 2004. And if you’re done with Classic as well, maybe give the next games a try.

Elder Scrolls Online

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 2

Elder Scrolls Online is a dream come true for The Elder Scrolls fans pining for player interaction. Ok, maybe not in the first year but ESO has come a long way since 2014. The game became better and better with more content and features.

TES lore fans will certainly appreciate the story-driven quests. The game has several expansions that uncover unexplored parts of Tamriel, plenty of single and multiplayer activities, end-game raids, PvP, and one of the best MMO player housing features.

Final Fantasy XIV

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 3

WoW, ESO, FF XIV – the legendary MMO trio. You’ve traveled Azeroth and had enough of Tamriel so the next logical move is to see what’s cooking in Eorzea.

Short answer: a lot. Long answer: a fantastic MMO saga, challenging end-game content, 19 distinct classes including the unique Blue Mage, player housing, complex crafting feature, the craziest-looking mounts, amazing graphics, cross-over content with other Square Enix games, regular events, PvP, and so much more. Give this game a chance and you won’t be disappointed!

EVE Online

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 4

Some will say that EVE Online is not a fun game and they would be right. EVE Online is a game in which player interaction will make or break your experience. It’s a challenging game with a steep learning curve and that’s what makes it interesting.

This sci-fi MMO takes place in space. Players spend most of their time in their ships. The game’s economic model offers a high level of freedom that allows pretty much anything, scamming included. The game masters won’t punish such actions. The players, on the other hand, might not be so forgiving.


The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 5

Trove is a voxel-based sandbox MMO with cute graphics. The character system allows players to become pirates, mages, or knights. A myriad of combat moves – from throwing ninja stars to dropping ice cream bombs – let players experience fun battles.

Trove has classic MMO activities such as dungeons but that’s not the selling point. The game’s appeal is the sandbox feature that allows players to build whatever they can think of and share the content with others. Yes, you can make hats!

Lord of the Rings Online

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 6

Lord of the Rings Online was one of the first, if not the very first MMORPG, to successfully transition from subscription-based to micro transaction-based free-to-play model.

The game sees fresh content and events on a regular basis. This LOTR-based MMORPG does justice to the original work with amazing storytelling and memorable quests.

The Middle Earth immersion is complete with a player housing feature and Hobbits as a playable race. The player base is friendly and happy to welcome a newcomer.

Runescape/Old School Runescape

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 7

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind MMORPG experience, these two MMORPGs are a must-try. Skill-based character progression, unforgettable quests, charismatic NPCs, an immense game world, a wealth of content, a fair free to play business model, and an active player base are good reasons to give these games a go.

Old School Runescape is the vanilla variant with a twist where the community decides what content is added to the game. These two titles have low system requirements so they’re fantastic choices for older computers.

War Thunder

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 8

If military MMOs are your thing, you’ll be more than happy to discover War Thunder. The game is about war on land, war at sea, and war in the air. The combat scenarios require players to cooperate to take down the enemy teams. The battles are fast-paced, tactical, and fun.

War Thunder has an overwhelming selection of combat vehicles. There are more than 1,900 options available. The selection includes ground, aerial, and naval war machines from different eras. More than 100 maps recreate real conflict areas.

The game also has single-player PvE content based on historical missions.

Realm of the Mad God

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 9

Realm of the Mad God is a fun bullet-hell shooter MMO with permadeath mechanics. Respawn points or resurrection spells? No, we don’t do that here. Dead characters remain dead but you get fame each time one of your characters dies.

Fame counts as you unlock usable items based on how much you have acquired. Players also get to keep their Vault items when a character dies so not everything is completely lost.

Realm of the Mad God has 17 classes so you have plenty of choices when you will inevitably have to start over.

Albion Online

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 10

Albion Online is a fantasy MMORPG with a PvP-centered end-game. It has sandbox gameplay that allows players to built homes and settlements. Items and gear are player-crafted as well.

Those yearning for a different play style might want to look into farming and trading. Merchants make a lot of money as resources and items are always in high demand.

While there is plenty of challenging PvE content, most players consider guild battles the true end game. Massive guild battles are fought for land and resources.


The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 11

WAKFU is a tactical MMORPG with a turn-based combat system. It’s similar to Dofus, another Ankama MMORPG which also runs on Mac computers.

WAKFU has a player-run political system that allows the community to elect governors. Another interesting feature is the players’ ability to plant seeds that regenerate resources. All these systems give players the choice to experience the game as crafters, soldiers, or politicians.

Pets and mounts are part of the game too. Players can customize them with different skins. The game has adorable graphics and it runs well even on older systems.

Star Conflict

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 12

Star Conflict is a sci-fi action MMO that gives players the opportunity to become pilots. The game comes with nine distinct roles and hundred of customization modules.

Players will craft ships and fit them with different modules to serve various purposes. PvE and PvP content is available. PvE quests and missions allow players to discover more about this world while PvP battles test players’ battle skills and tactical planning against their peers. Guild battles where corporations fight for territories are part of the game as well.

Dead Maze

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 13

The zombie apocalypse is upon us once again. This time it comes in the form of a 2D MMO with survival features. Food is not just a source of buffs, you need to eat in order to stay alive. This means that resource gathering becomes a daily job, just like fighting against zombies.

For a better chance at making it through the day, players will need to team up and fortify their camps. The camp comes with a farming system so players can grow crops and tend to animals.

Dead Maze is mostly a co-op game but it has some PvP maps too.

Adventure Land

The 15 Best MMOs That You Can Play on a Mac 14

Adventure Land is a code MMORPG. A what now? An MMORPG that allows you to use its code to program up to four characters. It’s an indie game that doesn’t have any quests or objectives. Players can do anything they like.

Game activities include killing monsters, acquiring loot, crafting items, tavern games, and PvP. The class system includes six choices with a skill-based progression system. Adventure Land is not your usual MMO experience but it’s a nice diversion from the classic gameplay.