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The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023

The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023

Pleasing the MMO crowd is a Sisyphean task. We, MMORPG players, are a picky bunch. We have expansions, but we crave Vanilla content.

We have so many MMO games to choose from, but we keep coming back to the same ones.

That’s why MMO private servers exist. Some might look at these rogue servers as a free ride and they are not wrong.

However, private servers are more than that. They offer a different experience, whether it’s the original game capped at a certain expansion or the altered gameplay with custom features.

Below is our list of our favorite MMORPG private servers.

16. Blade and Soul Rebellion

  • Original Game: Blade and Soul
  • Period: Level 55 and Hongmoon level 15
  • Released: 2020
  • For fans of Martial Arts MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 1
Rebellion is a private server for Blade and Soul

Rebellion is a private BnS server operating since 2020. Characters are capped at level 55 and Hongmoon level 15. Chapter 1. The Encroaching Darkness is the last quest in the storyline available on Rebellion.

Players can create up to three characters and they receive a level 50 voucher for each of them. The cash shop offers premium cosmetics but no pay-to-win items.

Blade & Soul Rebellion offers the original B&S experience without the latest content updates and changes that didn’t sit right with all the players.

The community is active and the Discord channel has all the needed info.

15. RuneScape Redemption

  • Original Game: Runescape
  • Period: OSRS with extra features
  • Released: 2014
  • For fans of Old-school MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 2
Redemption is a custom Runescape server

Redemption is a private RuneScape 317 server. It’s a custom server which means that you will see some features that aren’t part of the original game. Redemption has unique NPCs, items, weapons, armors, and more.

It offers three game modes: normal, hardcore, and ironman. Players can purchase optional membership to unlock benefits.

Redemption is running since 2014. The server has an active player base that has a say in deciding new features and game additions. Most of the players are RuneScape veterans that are not happy with the official game, whether it’s RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape.

14. MU Global Evolution

  • Original Game: MU Online
  • Period: Season 1
  • Released: 2021
  • For fans of Isometric MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 3
MU private servers can offer an alternate experience to the original Webzen servers

MU Global Evolution is a Season 1 Classic progression server for MU Online, the veteran MMORPG that was the bomb in the early 2000s.

The official version is still up and running under Webzen but for those that prefer the original gameplay, we have MU Global Evolution.

The private server features a double XP rate, three playable classes, a level cap of 400, and six open maps.

The player base is not huge but it’s enough to keep the server running. Regular events and updates are a good sign that MU Global Evolution gets plenty of attention.

13. MU Global – MU Online Season 17

  • Original Game: MU Online
  • Period: Season 17
  • Released: 2021
  • For fans of Isometric MMOs

MU Global is a Season 16 MU Online private server with customization and resets. Players can reset each time they reach level 400. It takes more than 50 resets to have a chance on top maps with challenging monsters.

MU Global implements customization and changes to alter the original gameplay. Leveling is easier and each map has various facilities. Quality of life improvements includes the option to sell unwanted items without visiting vendor NPCs.

The server has a healthy population peaking at around 1k daily users.

12. L2 Reborn and L2 Knight

  • Original Game: Lineage II
  • Period: Original game
  • Released: 2019
  • For fans of Lineage, Korean MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 4

L2 Reborn is a Lineage 2 Interlude server operating since 2019. It’s a classic L2 experience that caters to the hardcore Lineage 2 player base.

The private server keeps the original retail gameplay with the normal XP rate, no pay-to-win features, no dual boxing, and no bots. It has a strict anti-RMT (real money trading) policy, although some say that RMT may happen inside clans. L2 Reborn has an active community with 2k daily online users which is a lot for a private server.

L2 Knight proposes an alternate L2 experience with new classes and systems. It’s an interesting concept that is worth a shot.

11. Rusty Hearts Revolution

  • Original Game: Rusty Hearts
  • Period: Original Version
  • Released: 2015, Currently in Beta
  • For fans of Anime MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 5
Rusty Hearts was shut down but the community has brought it back

Rusty Hearts lived for three years only but that was enough to make an impact on the handful of people that started the Revolution private server.

The project focuses on PvP balance with PvE content. Players have the chance to experience the original hack-and-slash gameplay but the ultimate goal is to create a custom Rusty Hearts adventure with new content and features.

The updates include the removal of pay-to-win features. Revolution also takes care of bugs that were in the original version. Heck, it looks like these die-hard fans are doing a better job than the original developers.

10. Chromie Craft

The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 6
Chomiecraft is a Wotlk era WoW private server

The popularity of WoW Vanilla and TBC private servers has somewhat decreased now that we have official servers but they are not entirely gone.

Chromie Craft is a new WoW Wotlk private server. It is a progression server with content made available in phases. If you ever want to check out the first two WoW expansions and advance no further than Patch 3.3.x, Chromie Craft is a good choice.

The people behind the project promise to keep things fair play for all users with no game benefits unlocked with donations and other pay-to-win features.

9. Turtle WoW

The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 7
Turtle WoW is classic WoW with extra features added

What if The Burning Crusade was never released and the developers just kept on adding content and features to WoW Vanilla? Turtle WoW is the mirror universe WoW that never had an expansion.

First thing’s first, this is a PvE server and the new content is all PvE.

This is for people looking to chill, quest, and take care of their garden. What? Garden? That’s some MoP stuff right there. Well, in Turtle WoW gardening came to Vanilla.

Extra content includes new races, new Warcraft III-based storylines, Nerubian world bosses, a Mirage Raceway event, survival skills, and more.

8. The Al’Kabor Project

  • Original Game: Everquest
  • Period: Planes of Power
  • Released: 2016
  • For fans of Old-School MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 8
The TAK Project lets you enjoy EQ and its first four expansions

The Al’Kabor Project is a private server for Everquest that was spawned by the shut down of the Al’Kabor server, Everquest’s official Mac server.

Most old-school EQ players prefer the game with only its two first expansions, Ruins of Kunark and Scars of Velious, but the Al’Kabor Project includes the game’s third and fourth expansions as well, Shadows of Luclin and Planes of Power.

This means that some features are available that make the game a bit more causal friendly than the truly old-school servers, including PoK book for easier travel and the Bazaar (EQ’s version of an Auction House).

The Al’Kabor Project also allows players to multibox.

7. Eden

  • Original Game: Final Fantasy XI
  • Period: Treasures of Aht Urhgan era
  • Released: 2018
  • For fans of Final Fantasy, Old-school MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 9
Eden takes FFXI players to Treasures of Aht Urhgan

From the many FFXI private servers out there, we have chosen FFXI Eden because it’s one of the veteran servers and the people behind it seem to be serious about their job.

FFXI Eden includes the first three expansions and sets the level cap at 75. The XP rate is 1x. This is as close to 2007 Final Fantasy 11 retail as you’ll ever get.

There are a few minor quality of life improvements but the gameplay is just like in the pre-Wings of Goddess era.

If you are looking for Final Fantasy XIV private servers, we hate to break this to you but they don’t exist.

6. VGOEmulator

  • Original Game: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
  • Period: As the game was when it was shut down
  • Released: 2013, Currently in Development
  • For fans of Old-school MMOs, Everquest
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 10
Vanguard was shut down in 2014

When Vanguard was originally released back in 2007. The game never found much success despite being made by many of the same developers that had made Everquest, mostly due to the game being full of bugs and issues at launch.

In time these bugs were fixed and Vanguard turned into a fantastic game with plenty of unique features like the Diplomacy card game. It was too late though and Vanguard never was able to maintain a big player base and in 2014 it was finally shut down.

The game can still be enjoyed through the VGOEmulator. It can be played but is currently in development.

5. ACEmulator

  • Original Game: Asheron’s Call
  • Period: As the game was when it shut down
  • Released: 2019
  • For fans of Old-School MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 11
ACEmulator brings back the legendary MMO, Asheron’s Call.

ACEmulator is another private server for a game that has officially shut down, Asheron’s Call.

The game was originally developed by Turbine and released back in 1999 when it was the only real competitor to Everquest for a few years.

Like many other veteran MMOs, Asheron’s Call still has a dedicated hardcore fanbase, some of which you can still find playing on ACEmulator.

4. City of Heroes Homecoming

  • Original Game: City of Heroes
  • Period: City of Heroes
  • Released: 2019
  • For fans of City of Heroes, Superhero MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 12
City of Heroes is one of the most beloved superhero MMOs of all time

City of Heroes is one of the dead but not forgotten MMORPGs. The game ran from 2004 until 2012 when the official servers went offline.

In 2019, the developers released the CoH code which made possible the rebirth of the game in the form of the City of Heroes Homecoming private server. COH Homecoming builds on the original gameplay.

We have quality-of-life updates such as custom XP rates and the possibility to switch alignment whenever.

The Sentinel is a new class exclusively available in Homecoming. The server has an active player base so it’s worth checking it out.

3. Project 1999

  • Original Game: Everquest
  • Period: Classic, Kunark, and Velious
  • Released: 2009
  • For fans of Everquest, Old-school MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 13
Return to the Commonlands tunnel in Project 1999

EQ Project 1999 brings back the original 1999 EQ experience. The private server operates under legal permission from the Daybreak Game Company, the studio that was known until 2015 as Sony Online Entertainment.

EQ Project 1999 features the first three continents of the game world and a level cap of 60. It has the original game interface and mechanics. EverQuest is a title from the first MMORPG era.

Many MMO developers have EQ roots, whether as players or as contributors.

This is a non-profit emulation server with no pay-to-win features. It’s a fan-driven project endorsed by the company which means that the servers aren’t in any danger.

2. Return of Reckoning

  • Original Game: Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
  • Period: Original game plus new content
  • Released: 2014
  • For fans of Warhammer, PvP MMOs
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 14
Return of Reckoning lets you resume the never-ending battle between Order and Chaos

Warhammer Online was a short-lived MMORPG. It ran for five years only but that was enough to gather a loyal and stubborn fan base.

Warhammer Return of Reckoning private server has been up since 2014 and it’s doing great, thank you for asking.

The private server allows players to enjoy iconic Warhammer Online features such as open-world massive PvP interactions but also new content.

The developers are making regular game updates. PvP events are hosted each week.

There is no cash shop so players cannot facilitate their way to success.

1. SWG Legends

  • Original Game: Star Wars Galaxies
  • Period: Original Game plus extra features and content
  • Released: 2016
  • For fans of Sandbox MMOs, Star Wars
The 16 Best MMO Private Servers in 2023 15
SWG Legends brings back the original SWG experience plus new content

Star Wars Galaxies is one of the best sandbox MMOs ever. The game was shut down when Star Wars: The Old Republic was released back in 2011, but thankfully private servers like SWG Legends brings it back.

The game lets you play as a Jedi, Bounty Hunter, or anything you want really. Players can build their own buildings and even cities which are run and operated by the players.

SWG Legends is developed by a group of dedicated fans and even brings out new content.

What is your favorite private server? Let us know in the comments below!


Monday 3rd of April 2023

We, from Lineage2 Knight thank you for including us in the list! Is it possible to add an invite to our discord server?


Sunday 19th of March 2023

Are most or all MMO games able to have a private server?

What is the common incentives around people setting up private servers and is there a community of those who run these?


Tuesday 25th of October 2022

Rebellion's Blade and Soul 2020 version is a horrid cashgrab.

Please consider Shattered Empire Blade And Soul server instead if you want a server with a responsive development team that wont ban you the instant you say something is bad and 0 p2w :D


Thursday 8th of September 2022

Wanna get into an old mmorpg. Which server do you think is the best?


Tuesday 6th of September 2022

I`d stay clear of turtle wow. I spent a few weeks playing, only to get banned on some made up reason after I spent 120£ in their shop. Think they are just banning and fishing for people to make new accounts and spend more money. Carefull.


Sunday 1st of January 2023

@Ruben, No worries I only play offline wow. Not some server maintained by random strangers. In fact as far as wow is concerned, in general I would say everyone should learn to run their own private servers. Its the only game out there where the end user can now do this. Don't like compiling, no worries just pick up a repack designed for solo play.