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The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024

Do you love the thrill of surviving in a hostile environment? Do you enjoy battling against other players to see who can last the longest? If so, then you’ll love our list of the best survival MMOs! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best MMOs that will test your skills and endurance. Whether you’re fighting off zombies or battling in a PvP arena, these games will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Today we have a list of MMOs for gamers who like to struggle. Survival MMOs are hardcore. They don’t hold your hand, you start with practically nothing, and everything out there works against you, fellow players included.

If that sounds like fun, here are the best Survival MMOs that you should check out as soon as you have the chance!

17. Dead Maze

  • Developer: Atelier 801
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Platform: PC, Mac
  • For fans of Isometric MMOs, Zombies
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 2
Dead Maze features zombies in cartoony graphics

Dead Maze is a zombie-apocalypse MMO that you can play home alone in the dead of the night with the lights off. It has colorful and cartoonish graphics.

Despite looking sort of cute, zombies are still your enemies. You can still starve or tire yourself to death.

More than 500 weapons and various ways to sustain yourself are available.

The housing system allows players to build camps and customize their cribs. You can also set up a vegetable garden and tend to animals.

Dead Maze is mostly a co-op PvE game, but it also has PvP maps for up to 30 players.

16. Miscreated

  • Developer: Entrada Interactive
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of Post Apocalyptic Games
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 3
There are plenty of monsters in Miscreated

Miscreated takes place in the aftermath of the Final War. The world is in ruin and it is mostly inhabited by mutated creatures. Few survivors remain.

Letting your character go hungry is not a good idea, but neither is eating irradiated food or drinking poisoned water. An unstable climate forces players to quickly adapt to harsh weather changes. Explore the world and find a place where you can settle down with your clan.

More than 15 types of vehicles are available. Free-form building and many related features give players a powerful crafting toolkit. More than 100 weapons allow players to take down mutants in PvE fights and fellow adventurers in PvP encounters.

15. CryoFall

  • Developer: AtomicTorch Studio
  • Release Date: 2019
  • Platform: PC, Mac
  • For fans of Colony Simulators
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 4
Cryofall has retro looking graphics

CryoFall is a colony survival MMO from AtomicTorch, an indie gaming studio. The game isn’t insanely popular, although it has a stable and loyal player base.

CryoFall invites players to work together to rebuild civilization. In the beginning, survivors have only basic tools at their disposal.

As science progresses, you will gain access to superior technology, eventually reaching the space era.

The game has complex crafting, building, and research systems.

It features a map editor and mod support. Players can run PvP, PvE, and modded servers.

The demo is a nice touch, as we prefer to sample first and buy second.

14. Dead Frontier 2

  • Developer: Creaky Corpse Limited
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of Zombies, Horror MMOs
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 5
Fight the dead in Dead Frontier 2

Dead Frontier 2 is a horror survival MMORPG that’s taking place in a world where the unliving outnumber the living. It’s a good thing that zombies are not good with weapons.

Dead Frontier 2 is an atmospheric game that does justice to its horror label. Zombies aren’t just funny-walking brain-lacking monsters. They are grotesque and scary and prone to hole up in derelict buildings. Guess where you have to go for the good loot!

Players customize their characters with skills and gear. Playing with others goes a long way, but so does taking them down. DF2 is free-to-play.

13. The Isle

  • Developer: Afterthought
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Platform: PC, Mac
  • For fans of Dinosaurs
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 6
Play as a dinosaur in The Isle

If Ark lets you play with dinosaurs, on The Isle, you play as a dinosaur. Players can choose from dozens of distinct creatures when creating their avatars.

The Isle offers survival and sandbox modes. Survival is a hardcore experience that has players progressing through a dinosaur’s life stages. Sandbox offers a more leisurely experience that lacks survival mechanics.

You might wonder how building, a staple of the survival MMO genre, works in this game. While we would love to see dinosaurs handling tools – the T. Rex especially – we will have to settle for nests for the time being.

12. Scum

  • Developer: Gamepires
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of Shooter MMOs
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 7
Scum is in early access

Scum is one of the most realistic survival MMOs. In addition to food and hydration, this game deals with another crucial aspect of the human condition: relieving oneself.

The game has a complex character management system that allows players to control even the smallest details.

The world measures 225 square kilometers. Vehicles exist, but honest footwork is all you can rely on in the beginning. Players explore locations to find out more about the world and gather resources.

The PvP matchmaking system transports players to instanced areas where they can fight each other. Crafting is part of the game too.

11. PixARK

  • Developer: Snail
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Platform: PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch
  • For fans of ARK, Minecraft
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 8
PixArk is a kid-friendly version of ARK

A few years ago, Snail Games thought it would be a good idea to blend Ark: Survival Evolved with Minecraft.

Studio Wildcat, Ark’s developers, was on board and that’s how PixARK came into existence.

Blocky dinosaurs, voxel-based building system, procedurally generated content, magic wands, and rocket launchers! The world is big enough for both technology and magic. That’s PixARK for you and it’s fun.

It is also kids friendly. The only trouble is that Snail Games charges a pretty penny for pixels, so maybe wait for a discount.

10. The Forest

  • Developer: Endnight Games Ltd
  • Release Date: 30 April, 2018
  • Platform: PC, Playstation
  • For fans of
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 9
The Forest pits you against a blood hungry cannibals

The Forest is one of the best open-world survival games. It does not have MMO capabilities, but it offers dedicated servers giving players the opportunity to set up multiplayer worlds.

Your character survives a plane crash. That’s the only good news. Surviving on cannibals’ territory is not an easy task.

Most survival games pit players against zombies and other mindless creatures. The enemies that you encounter in The Forest are quite complex. They may be cannibals, but that doesn’t mean they lack traditions and values.

The gameplay is complete with base-building and crafting systems.

9. Wurm Online

  • Developer: Code Club AB
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of Old-School MMOs
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 10
Wurm Online is a hardcore sandbox MMO

Wurm Online was developed by Markus Persson who also designed Minecraft. Wurm Online is a MMO set in a persistent, online world with a focus on player-driven content. The game has a unique terraforming system that allows players to change the landscape.

The game mixed traditional sandbox MMO elements with complex crafting and survival elements.

8. Fallen Earth Classic

  • Developer: Fallen Earth
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Platform: PC, Mac
  • For fans of Fallout, Borderlands
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 11
Fallen Earth Classic is a reboot of 2009`s Fallen Earth

Talking about survival, look who came back from the dead! Fallen Earth was initially released in 2009.

It had a unique take on the MMO gameplay. Instead of making players pick a class and go through a predetermined development path with specific end-game goals, Fallen Earth Classic proposes a classless character system and player freedom.

You can focus on the story to discover how the world came to this state. You can make money from scavenging. You can fight mobs in dungeons and raid settlements.

With most items created by players, crafting is a core gameplay component.

7. Unturned

  • Developer: Smartly Dressed Games
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Platform: PC, Playstation, Xbox
  • For fans of Zombies, Minecraft
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 12
Unturned has simple graphics but complex gameplay

Zombie apocalypse on a budget! The free-to-play Unturned is a charming survival multiplayer game created by a two-person studio. That explains the graphics.

Very Positive Steam reviews amassed over four years of existence prove that visuals don’t matter. Survival mechanics are in place.

The building feature is quite complex. Players can do just about anything to keep themselves alive. Whether farming or raiding others’ bases, everything is permitted.

Modding is not just allowed but also encouraged. That explains the longevity. Players are free to create their worlds and share them with others.

The game also has role-playing and sandbox servers.

6. DayZ

  • Developer: Bohemia Interactive
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Platform: PC, Playstation, Xbox
  • For fans of Zombies, Horror MMOs
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 13
Survive zombies and other players in DayZ

DayZ is not an MMO per se, but it does support multiplayer for up to 60 players. That’s 59 other gamers who – in one way or another – will benefit from your death. You wanted hardcore, you got it!

PvP aside, there are so many other things that can kill you. Bad food, contaminated water, unfriendly weather, and unfriendlier zombies are out to get you.

Unless you die in a dungeon or PvP battleground, dying in an MMO is merely a setback. In DayZ, your gear and items become loot when you die. Good luck getting back to them first! 

5. Fractured

  • Developer: Dynamight Studios
  • Release Date: April 6, 2022
  • Platform: PC
  • For fans of Isometric MMOs
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 14
Fractured combines many different genres into a isometric view MMO

Fractured is a unique MMO that combines many traditional MMO, RPG, ARP, and Survival elements and styles into one game.

Players will have to survive in a hostile environment while also crafting, gathering resources, and building structures.

The combat system in Fractured is many different skills. The environment is dynamic and allows for characters to build houses and even cities.

4. Conan Exiles

  • Developer: Funcom
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Platform: PC, Playstation, Xbox
  • For fans of Conan, Fantasy
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 15
Survive in Robert E. Howard`s legendary Conan setting in Conan Exiles

Another game that’s technically not an MMO, but has superb multiplayer survival gameplay, Conan Exiles provides a much-needed change of scenery.

The persistent online multiplayer worlds support up to 40 players. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for a friendly co-op Hyborian adventure.

In the beginning, Conan watches over you and makes sure you don’t die. The rest is up to you.

Players need sustenance, shelter, and appropriate clothing. Keep yourself alive as you explore the Exiled Lands, crush your enemies, and see your kingdom flourish or be destroyed by invaders.

3. New World

The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 16
New World is a traditional MMO with survival elements

New World is an MMO set in Aeternum, a world inspired by the 17th-century. The game has many different aspects, such as crafting, gathering, PvE, and PvP combat. In New World, players will need to survive against the environment as well as other players.

New World was initially off to a rough start but Amazon Games has done a good job at fixing the game since launch, and is now a great MMO for players who enjoy survival elements.

2. Ark: Survival Evolved

  • Developer: Studio Wildcard
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Playstation, Xbox
  • For fans of Jurrasic Park
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 17
Survive in a world filled with dinosaurs in Ark

The go-to for this MMO niche, Ark: Survival Evolved implements comprehensive mechanics.

Players start their adventure with nothing but their small clothes and wits on an island where dinosaurs roam free.

The hunger and thirst systems work hand-in-hand with your actions and the environment. Nothing is off the table when it comes to nutrition, not even human meat. However, different foods have different properties, so you might want to try a salad too for a change.

As for dinosaurs, you can make them your meals or your pets.

The crafting feature allows the creation of diverse items, including tools, clothing, gear, and large structures.

1. Rust

  • Developer: Facepunch Studios
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Playstation, Xbox
  • For fans of Post Apocalyptic Games, Fallout, PvP MMOs
The 17 Best Survival MMOs to Play in 2024 18
Rust is a post-apocalyptic PvP player’s dream

Waking up naked on an island seems to be the norm for the starting experience in survival MMOs. However, Rust’s a whole other beast than Ark, and we are not talking only about the lack of reptiles.

While Ark is more PvE-oriented, Rust concentrates on combat and PvP.

The weapon selection includes rifles, grenades, rocket launchers, SMGs, and more.

The building and crafting systems are extremely detailed. Players can team up to build towns, but also raze their neighbors’ settlements to the ground.

Vehicles such as horses, helicopters, and cars are part of the gameplay too.

Rust gives players the possibility to run their own servers with mods.

That’s it for our list of the best survival MMOs. We hope you enjoyed reading and that you found a game that interest you. If you have any suggestions for other games, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!

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