Everquest 2 Review - Is EQ2 Worth Playing? [Visions of Vetrovia] 1
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Everquest 2 Review – Is EQ2 Worth Playing? [Visions of Vetrovia]

Everquest 2





  • Good Quests and Storytelling
  • Fantastic Soundtrack
  • Plenty To Do For Collectors
  • Good Variety of Gameplay


  • Confusing Systems
  • Hard/Expensive to Reach End-game
  • Loads of Bugs
  • Outdated User Interface
  • Developer: Daybreak Games
  • Latest expansion: Visions of Vetrovia (2021)
  • Original Release Date: November 8th, 2006
  • Games similar to Everquest 2: Everquest, Neverwinter, Dungeons & Dragons Online, World of Warcraft

This review is a review of Everquest 2 as a whole in 2022, including the latest expansion, Visions of Vetrovia.

I started playing Everquest 2 the day it launched back in 2004 and kept playing until it went free-to-play in 2011.

It didn’t quite live up to the legacy of the original Everquest which was my first MMORPG, but EQ2 along with the first couple of expansions were still some of the best times I’ve had in an MMO.

Everquest 2 Review - Is EQ2 Worth Playing? [Visions of Vetrovia] 2
Promotional art for the Everquest 2 base game.

I’ve had a few brief returns to Norrath since then but as most of my friends have quit and my old guild has long since disbanded, I found myself moving on to other MMOs.

Until now. Recently I’ve found myself wondering how much Everquest 2 had changed in the decade I had been away, so I decided to make a return. At the very least to get a trip down the Norrathian memory lane.


Everquest 2 has always had the bones of a really good game. At launch, it had decent graphics for an MMO at the time, the music and sounds are great and the gameplay was fast and exciting compared to many other MMOs.

All of this didn’t really matter much though as it launched just a few weeks before World of Warcraft, which became a giant in the MMO space, leaving all other titles in its shadow for years to come.

But even in WoW’s shadow, EQ2 managed to thrive for half a decade due to the fact that the original game was very good.

The first expansions and adventure packs were also good and included some very memorable areas, features, and challenges.

But like many other MMOs, the quality of EQ2’s content started declining with time, which was very noticeable as I made my return. All the earlier areas in the game were still fantastic. They are well designed and genuinely fun to explore.

If you can gather a group of friends and casually adventure through Norrath, I would advise you to do so.

As you move closer and closer to current content, however, its faults start to become apparent. The latest expansion Visions of Vetrovia first takes you to an area called the Svarni Expanse and the first thing to greet you is a full set of level 120 gear. You don’t even have to complete a single quest or kill a single mob, just loot a chest.

Once the gear is equipped you can almost one-shot most mobs in the entire zone, but solo instances are so difficult that you will likely not make it past the first few mobs unless you’ve spent a lot of time or real-life money upgrading your character’s mercenary, mount and familiar.

Everquest 2 Review - Is EQ2 Worth Playing? [Visions of Vetrovia] 3
The Svarni Expanse in the latest EQ2 expansion, Visions of Vetrovia.

At almost level 122 (cap is 125) I was completely stuck and I couldn’t progress any further because the mobs just became too tough. It’s all too clear that this has been designed on purpose to milk the remaining player base for a few dollars.

All of EQ2’s end-game systems are also unnecessarily complicated and hostile towards new players. Understanding how your character works with all the different types of stats and systems takes a huge amount of time and effort, and will surely drive new players away.


In terms of graphics, Everquest 2 really shows its age, and it has held up a lot worse than its contemporaries like World of Warcraft, but this is to be expected with older MMOs.

Many of the game’s areas are still stunning even with the dated graphics.

My biggest issue is that there is no form of scaling for the user interface, so if you play on a high resolution the UI becomes tiny.

Everquest 2 Review - Is EQ2 Worth Playing? [Visions of Vetrovia] 4
Everquest 2 with max graphics


The soundtrack in Everquest 2 is fantastic. The music from the original game reminds me a lot of the music from the Narnia movie which also came out at around the same time as EQ2. The voice acting and sounds are also very good for their time.


So if you are looking to get into or getting back to EQ2, you might be wondering if the game is still active or if it’s dead by now.

The truth is that the population of EQ2 has been declining for years, but like most MMOs, there is still a dedicated community, and you should still be able to find people to play with, especially if you join a guild.

Everquest 2 Review - Is EQ2 Worth Playing? [Visions of Vetrovia] 5
You’ll run into a few other adventurers across Norrath.

According to a report from Daybreak Games and EG7, the owners of the Everquest Franchise, Everquest 2 has around 29.000 monthly active users and 21.000 paying members, which is a bit lower than Dungeons and Dragons Online and less than half of the population of the original Everquest.

These numbers match well with player numbers on Steam, where the original EQ has about a little over twice as many players as EQ2.

Saying exactly how many people play Everquest 2 is impossible but there still seems to be enough for a healthy population, and the fact that Daybreak Games still is releasing expansions for the game certainly verifies that.


Everquest 2 has been a free-to-play title since 2011. Most of the game can be enjoyed without spending much at all.

I would recommend at least getting a membership for $14.99 a month if you plan on sticking around. Memberships can be purchased with Platinum on the Broker in-game as well, but be prepared to spend some time farming.

Everquest 2 Review - Is EQ2 Worth Playing? [Visions of Vetrovia] 6
Everquest 2 has a well-stocked cash shop.

Without a membership, you will have limitations when using the Broker, mail, guilds, and spell or ability upgrades. A full list of membership perks can be found here.

As you get closer to end-game, EQ2 becomes slightly more pay-to-win. You can get most things without paying, but upgrading Mercenaries or Mounts will take months without spending any cash.

Who Is Everquest 2 For?

In the end, I would say it’s worth it to at least give Everquest 2 a try. Parts of the game are fantastic while other parts are not so great, but that is true for most MMOs out today.

The game can be a good fit for fans of Neverwinter, who enjoy many ways different ways of character progression.

Fans of other old-school titles such as DDO who enjoy theory crafting, making builds, and exploring deep and intricate dungeons could also get a kick out of EQ2.

Everquest 2 also features a huge amount of appearance gear and mounts, pets, and items to collect which might appeal to WoW players who enjoyed collecting mounts and transmog.

What is your opinion of Everquest 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I always have a great time in EQ2 until I get past about level 90. Then it’s not fun anymore. After Velious to be exact. Played consistently back in the day leading up to velious and it was great. Then it started to go downhill fast. For me at least, the newer expansions and inflated stats with either the mob or you dropping dead in 2 seconds… that’s just not fun.

    1. @Will,
      I also miss EQII…
      at times I used to run my own groups of six characters so I didn’t get bored. lol
      but it’s been a while my main character was a Iksar Bruiser. I missed my Monk from EQ but over time I got used to the bruiser. but when my son was born in 2012 I had to quit because that sucked my wntire life up and my job suffered a lot and couldn’t do it to my new son. farewell EQ & EQII.

    2. @Will, I was an nineties kid but I never bought into the Everquest monopoly when, it was still in the shadow of its UO master. I never bought into mmo’s in general even after that, but one thing EQ did for me was open me up to the idea of micro transactions. I knew mmo’s would one day exploit and capitalize on this model, and touche I was right when AC and WOW took off. I entered the late game era of mmo history, I picked up on Guild Wars and then eventually transitioned to p2w models. Eventually tiring of that I learned to run my own game servers, and dabbled with stuff here and there. I have never subbed an mmo in my life, and plan to keep things that way. I’m old now so I can afford to whine, I still hate sub models but I understand why people are hooked. Everyone wants release, games often give the illusion of escape. MMO’s more closely resemble true escape, but they lack structure. They lack a sense of purpose, I just wonder how new gens feel when they hit this ceiling. When they realize the amount of money and hours they dumped into virtual economies, almost like a second job what happens when the young get old. I leave that bit of self reflection your way.

  2. I certainly didn’t have any trouble doing the signature and tradeskill quest lines in the Visions of Vetrovia release; not with the provided gear box just inside the zone-in point.

    What does make a difference is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your character class. Use of mercenaries is almost a must no matter what class you are. I tend to use the first healer merc (a centaur) that you come across in the entry zone for my tank, mage, and rogue classes, while the mercenary tank from the previous expansion works well with any healer/priest class.

    Granted, you’re probably not going to be able to solo the regular named mobs until you hit level 125; and the overland epics require either a full group, or a raid for the Public Quest mobs.

    I didn’t have to spend any extra money to run the expansion. However, I am a member, not free to play.

    Tradeskill questline is pretty linear. The signature questline can be a bit convoluted as there are a number of side quests that need to be completed along the way.

  3. The time locked server is fun. The regular “pay to win” servers are not fun. If you enjoyed the original game that launched in 2004, like I did, then try the Varsoon Server for a bit of nostalgia and a good time.

  4. eq2 died after the tears of veeshan expansion for me, and no way in hell would i pay 16 a month for those graphics or the pay to win system.

  5. EQ1, a bygone age of online mud’s, slow to an ants pace eternally hard to master. Will cause extreme bordem, suicidal tendencies or even loss of spouse.

    EQ2, badly optimized for 32bit and looks like lipstick on a pig. That said its more laid back, the entire game can be soloed. Its unfair how people compare the success EQ to this by claiming EQ2 stole the thunder. Where the other game was rock hard, this one is a forever wasteland without people. But if your in it for the pve and don’t mind solo then go for it, I would say this game is meant more for lan parties.

    WoW, a virtual theme park for grown adults that never grew up since the 90’s and too obsessed with gear pron. Has jack shit in terms of “game” and story is non existent, its essentially a sandbox without the users ability to carve their own world. You would get the same dopamine kick from something like Minecraft. Without the monthly utility.

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