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The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs

The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs

Any MMO can quickly turn into a horror story if you step into a dungeon with a newbie tank, a lazy healer, and under-performing damage dealers. The mobs will do unspeakable things to your little party and you’ll never want to see that place again.

But if you are looking for another kind of terrifying experience, check out the titles below.

Dead Frontier 2

The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs 1

You can play it alone or you can play with others. No matter how you choose to experience Dead Frontier 2, it won’t be easy. Zombies are out to get you and they come in hordes. If you think that you can rely on guns and ammo, think again. This is the horror survival game in which consumables are scarce.

The economy is player-driven so, in true MMO fashion, players depend on each other. When you’re tired of hunting zombies, give your fellow players hell in PvP fights. Dead Frontier 2 is free to play so you can try it right now.

The Secret World Legends

The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs 2

Start with H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, add some Edgar Allen Poe, throw vampires and zombies into the mix, creepy urban legends are a must, sprinkle ancient mythology all over, and that’s The Secret World for you.

All things horror come together in this MMORPG by Funcom. The result is a catchy story that will take at least 100 hours to complete. You can work with others to experience this free to play story-driven horror MMO as a team.

Dark Eden

The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs 3

Dark Eden is an old title but don’t be quick to dismiss it on this account. This horror free to play MMO features deep character customization. Players can become Vampires, Slayers, or Ousters. Each race has a unique playstyle with its own skills, spells, progression system, and equipment. The day and night cycle affects characters’ stats. For example, Vampires are more powerful at night while the other two races benefit from the daylight. The three races are at war and you know what that means. PvP!


The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs 4

There are many zombie-themed survival games out there but if you’re looking for a hardcore experience then you must try DayZ. This game has what most MMOs are lacking, harsh death penalties. Massive interaction is achieved with 60-player scenarios. Team up, fight against others, do what you can to stay alive.

PvP is the main focus of this survival game. Watch out for other players, but don’t forget that the environment can also kill you. DayZ is not free to play, however, the Very Positive Steam reviews indicate that it’s worth the money.

Requiem: Rise of the Reaver

The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs 5

Requiem: Rise of the Reaver has blood and gore, a spine-chilling atmosphere, creepy monsters, and everything you could want from a horror MMORPG.

This game came out in 2008 and it never was a big hit. However, that is not really an issue as the developers seem to be happy with keeping the game going for their loyal player base. Frequent updates and events are a good indicator that Requiem: Rise of the Reaver is doing well. It’s free so you can give it a go anytime you want.

The Yellow King

The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs 6

Based on Robert W. Chambers’s The King in Yellow short stories collection and featuring Lovecraftian elements, this game will surely scratch that horror MMO itch.

The Yellow King features PvE content such as multiplayer dungeons where you fight nightmarish monsters, work together to solve puzzles, and escape traps.

The complex combat system makes each fight an engaging experience. You can put your skills to the test against others in PvP arenas. The Yellow King has a one-time purchase fee.

New World

The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs 7

An open-world MMO with a medieval flavor, New World transports players to a fictional location in the 17th century.

The game features a dark atmosphere and supernatural elements. The classless system gives players the chance to create unique builds by mixing weapons, attributes, and trade skill talents.

Defeat the monsters that inhabit the Eternal Isle and go against other players in massive guild wars. Either way, the fight never stops. New World has a one-time purchase business model with microtransactions.

Stay Out

The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs 8

A S.T.A.L.K.E.R. inspired free to play MMORPG? Yes, please! Stay Out comes with a warning for mature content, violence, and blood. Sign me up!

The game is set in a desolated urban environment. As Stalkers, players will adventure into forgotten places, uncover mysteries, and investigate anomalies. They will also face the dangers of the Alienation Zone in an attempt to retrieve powerful artifacts and treasures. Survival elements make each consumable count. And to make things even more challenging, PvP is part of the gameplay.

Camelot Unchained

The Best Horror and Dark Fantasy MMOs 9

Designed by Mark Jacobs, the man behind the widely-acclaimed now slightly-defunct Dark Age of Camelot, this dark fantasy MMO features hardcore PvP and the familiar mythology-based character system.

Players can become Arthurian knights, fierce Viking warriors, or god-like Celtic beings. Fight for your faction and rebuild the One True City according to your vision. The game focuses on the tri-faction war with massive PvP battles as a central element. Camelot Unchained also features an interesting building system based on blocks.